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The main problem of the internet and with sites like CS is that those do not offer the possibility to have a party between us.
At a party are invited the people who have something in common and have fun together. The other are excluded. Forums, groups or chat rooms should have somehow same functionality. You may join to a group but you cannot exclude the people from it.

In real life, many years ago, in some cases also today, a party is exclusive. I invite a friend, and he invites a friend, and so on. Somehow the people at the party have things in common. That does not means that no conflict may rise, but the probability is lower.

So this function of, we may say, have a party, to create a exclusive chat room, for two hours, (like in the office- a meeting room) where only invited people may enter is missing. This function may force the people to act carefully when posting, trying to make real friends.

People are here because of many reasons. May be people who do not open their heart easy, posting on forums or blogs, nor writing messages to strangers. They need time to open, slowly. So participating to a party, invited by someone one trust, is more productive, than staying hidden and just reading posts. You may communicate with people same to you.

I get a message from a women starting like this : "Why are you on this site when on your profile writes you are in relationship? I want to understand why you cheat your wife?" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

My dear friends, life is not black and not white, has a lot of nuances of gray. People cannot judge other people based on the published profile or on the posts. Most people do not post. They expect that someone will send a message. But why should one do this? 50 rows of profile description say nothing about the person. If people do not participate to discussions nobody will know who one really are.
Posting is the first step. Next are private discussion. Perhaps this jump is too much. Perhaps you need some intermediate step ... the party. Exclusive groups/chats where people join based on invitation. This may let people to connect more selective, grouped by affinity. Chatrooms active for two hours, next deleted. Especialy during weekend. This may be more closer to real life. Of course this internet connection does not solve the physical issue. Real physical attraction, which is absolut necessary if you real y want a partner who should share your bedroom.

It was just an idea. I am not sure that will work ... but I have the right to think about it.

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Would that not get very boring?

If I were in the company of people who all thought the same as me about issues, I would get bored after a while

there is no room then for discussion or debate. It would all be sweet, agreeable and dull
I did not say to give up forums or blogs. I say that people do not post.
Same people are posting. The other stay hidden or inactive. Staying hidden is not a solution. People should be motivated somehow to comunicate not to wait only for messages. This is not working.
How do you start a mesage? " I am X, I am looking for?"
This is very cold. So distant. You cannot get close to someone sending a message.
Is like stoping someone on the street and saying "Do you want to drink a cofee with me?"
This is for the people who really wnat to have a date.
Perhaps I see a posibility to make a connection at two persons when I know more about them.
99% of all communication goes on behind the scenes

You may be surprised to hear that people do actually date and meet up from here grin
Ok Swami...can I join? When does the party begin? applause

But I don't want intermediary steps. Can I go straight to level 3 dancing
I do not search for a date. Thatfor my profile says in a relationship.
So if you are right, that 99% is going beside the scene ... then I wonder why people are complaining rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
oohhh... danielablushing
Some people will always complain, no matter what.

Some people search for what they will never get.
Some people have unrealistic aspirations.
Some people are not ready for relationships due to past experiences yet blame others for their issues.
The list is endless.
I haven't got all the time in the world as my time on this earth is very limited. transport
Oh ... I understand.
I had two relationships in my past where I found the persons by anounce in the written newspaper.
I read the anounce. And I called only that two persons. But the anounce were very clever written. And I was not wrong. No regrets. But special persons have special lifes.
Swami....good point. By making this site feel more inviting, should bring out others. I think anyway. Allowing people to belittle others, might drive some in their shells.

The concept of your party framework sounds good. There have been many 'party' blogs here in the past it they usually bring out many. Unfortunately, it is usually the regulars. How to get more to participate. hmmm Maybe offer them candy bars. laugh
I do not understand ... molly says that 99% happens underground ....
So we are the 1% with f*ng problems.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
ore ... perhaps we are geniuos and no one understand us rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Johnny.wave

Why do you mean "unfortunately" ....the regulars?grin
laugh Swami.....not sure about the genius part...but maybe we are the problem. rolling on the floor laughing tongue

Daniela....unfortunately, not meant in a bad way...but unfortunately we don't get new people to expand this group the shed us with new ideas and perspectives.

wave wave
Johnny_Sparton the past year, there is only one person that I have communicated with behind the scenes...and he is a great friend of mine.

I am not into hidden drama. dunno
*communicated with on a regular basis.
Fast forward in a relationship is a catastrophe.
The idea of daniela ... direct to level 3 ... I tell you, is wrong decision.

You should enter in a relationship only then when you do not hurry.
A relation do not solve your problems ... it increasing those. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Of coures if you are a stone ... then does not matter ...grin you feel and understand nothing
Have you ever tried to list out all the different dating advice you’ve heard, even just the advice from other Christians?

Date for at least a year.
Don’t date for any more than a year.
Date exclusively in groups.
Make sure you get plenty of time one on one.
Don’t kiss before you’re married.
How can you know you have chemistry without kissing?
Put clear boundaries into place.
Don’t try to follow everyone else’s rules.
Spend lots of time together.
Be careful how much time you spend together.
Date a bunch of people before getting serious.
Don’t date anyone until you’re ready to marry them.
doh you would spoil cs in my humble opinion.
there is FB and places like that you can just have groups by invitation, excluding everyone else.

If a person wants to go above surface conversation i do not beleive they want to do in public party, OR maybe just me.grin

Usually we have Friday night parties but all has gone quiet on blogs just now.moping

i myself am just filling time tonight and tomorrow morning as then i am off for awhile visiting my son and i can,t wait.

Everything i have said is lies or maybe not rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
wow wow wow

Are we in the 21st century ? confused

Swami...going to level 3...I meant going straight to private email...

Johnny..I wouldn't mind conversing behind the scenes with you? conversing
Daniela ...what you would say in private what you cannot say public?
I am open to private messages .... laugh

But I like parties more ..... You know ... less light ... a good wine ... talking about the beginning and ending of the world ... when tired of talking then dancing ... I am an old fashioned guylaugh
What can I offer through the Bits, Kilobits, or Gigabits? Not much ... so what can one do with the internet?
BTW ... I am SW programmer laugh
Bytes rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing're open to private messages ? Now..what did you wait all this time? As I time here is rather limited.sigh

What can we say in PM? roll eyes

I'm a very private person..innocent
Btw...what the hell is a SW programmer? You mean software ?

I can also talk about end of the world but I can't scare people off here can I ? wink

I'm also good for dancing..Latino?dancing
Latino ..very good ..... Flamingo?
I want to learn ... laugh
Can this tought via internet?laugh
Who makes the first step? Men or women?rolling on the floor laughing
I left the party as it's not my kind of thing I'm afraid.

I like watching flamenco and sevillanas but you must learn it from's in the blood.

By Latino I meant salsa..bachata.. Also cha cha..tango..and paso doble.

That just reminded me of my dancing blog. I'll post it tomorrow.
Btw...salsa and bachata is not a dance you do at distance as it involves very close in dirty dancing.wink
This is the point .... A good party asks to have same affinity with other peoples
I am joking when speaking about dancing .... Flamingo is very hard ...
I was in my youth a very choatically dancer ... Something like tribal ritualic dance ...
I used the dance as a form of cattharsis.laugh
I danced in two ways ... ans catharsis ...or as a prelude ..... I do not understand other form of dancig...
If you condider is another form please tell me ... I am curious to know .
Sorry..I don't know about your kind of dancing..could you post some pics?

Do you dance with a partner or alone in line or something ?

What is there to explain about the dance I like?
Latino is very

The argentinan tango is a way to express yourself.
It's ok. I've looked it up...umm..I thought you would be in this kind of thingwink
Catharsis ...means cleaning or purging ... Each person may clean itself ... I have done it by dancing .....
Based on a music, rythm let your body to be copletely free .... and be one with the rythm ....
No rule ...
I understand what latino, or spanish dances are .... The orign of erotics in Europe is Spain
Mixing orient and occident ... Spain is unique .... Culture and personality ...
Yes..I understand what you mean..
We also do this with the shamanic drumming ...dancing to the rhythm of the beat in altered states of consciousness.
I would say ... that I am a little bit afraid ... of spanish temperament laugh
So am I Swami...laugh

Luckily for you I am not Spanish.wink
No....? Very interesting. I will never guess from where you are?laugh
Now you see...there are many things you don't know about me. I only reveal these things in private.wink

Just because I live in Spain doesn't mean I'm Spanish.
Just like you living in Germany and you're not German dunno
Tell me more .... in private ....laugh
So... I do not need to do asumptions .... I will feel better ....
What is level 2 if level 3 is PMs?

I just want to make sure I get my levels right giggle
You do not play games? Level 2 is before level 3.
One need to pass the filter of level 2.
People are in hurry .... they want to skip some filterslaugh
I am very shy .... PM means very much .... Is like asking me out for dinner.
To speak about myself what I usualy do not do to anybodyrolling on the floor laughing
I speak only when sleepingrolling on the floor laughing
kennethteddy: "Football"(meet us in the quizzes)

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