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The main problem of the internet and with sites like CS is that those do not offer the possibility to have a party between us.
At a party are invited the people who have something in common and have fun together. The other are excluded. Forums, groups or chat rooms should have somehow same functionality. You may join to a group but you cannot exclude the people from it.

In real life, many years ago, in some cases also today, a party is exclusive. I invite a friend, and he invites a friend, and so on. Somehow the people at the party have things in common. That does not means that no conflict may rise, but the probability is lower.

So this function of, we may say, have a party, to create a exclusive chat room, for two hours, (like in the office- a meeting room) where only invited people may enter is missing. This function may force the people to act carefully when posting, trying to make real friends.

People are here because of many reasons. May be people who do not open their heart easy, posting on forums or blogs, nor writing messages to strangers. They need time to open, slowly. So participating to a party, invited by someone one trust, is more productive, than staying hidden and just reading posts. You may communicate with people same to you.

I get a message from a women starting like this : "Why are you on this site when on your profile writes you are in relationship? I want to understand why you cheat your wife?" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

My dear friends, life is not black and not white, has a lot of nuances of gray. People cannot judge other people based on the published profile or on the posts. Most people do not post. They expect that someone will send a message. But why should one do this? 50 rows of profile description say nothing about the person. If people do not participate to discussions nobody will know who one really are.
Posting is the first step. Next are private discussion. Perhaps this jump is too much. Perhaps you need some intermediate step ... the party. Exclusive groups/chats where people join based on invitation. This may let people to connect more selective, grouped by affinity. Chatrooms active for two hours, next deleted. Especialy during weekend. This may be more closer to real life. Of course this internet connection does not solve the physical issue. Real physical attraction, which is absolut necessary if you real y want a partner who should share your bedroom.

It was just an idea. I am not sure that will work ... but I have the right to think about it.

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Nah, I'm not a game player

And obviously not very bright either help

That's why I need to know what goes between public chat (Level 1) and private mail (Level 3) dunno
I think it is about a date ... Thsi is the right order. Public, public dinner, next private.laugh
That must be where I am going wrong doh

I I have PMd all my dates before going out to dinner with them mumbling

No Molly you've got it all wrong.

Level 1 is beginners...for people who are too shy to join in the chat blogs but only on tip toe..

Level 2 is intermediate...for this party Swami is offering ...

Level taking it to PM for private chatting..

Then we have levels 4 and 5 where the sky is the limit..oh la la..yay
Is not to late to make it in the proper order. Usualy level 3 is the last step .... before starting again at level 1
Do not hurry to level 3. laugh
Where are the others for the party?

Are they still on level 1 or...Are they gone straight to level 3? uh oh

Swami and I are going to have to put up with each other ...or is Molly going to make it a threesome?
virtual threesome... at level 3 rolling on the floor laughing
Nah, I don't share any level wink
Neither do I Molly. scold

Now we're back to exclusivity.thumbs up
Do not worry molly. You know ... at CS is only talk ... nothing seriouslaugh
Because of that ...I go to sleep ... CS does not support the incomelaugh
That's why I have most of the world blocked...In case anybody takes it seriously uh oh

Once I met a girl in the club. She was so disponible, s*xual agressive .. and much more. I aproached her.
In the end I discovered that she was in fact exactly the oposite. It was a hard lesson to me.
I do not believe anymore what people are saying or showing about their sexuality.
Their sexuality is most about what people are lying.
Sexuality is something intimate ... what they show outisde is most probable a lie.laugh
Well Swami...for me it's the opposite...very shy on the outside but a real tigresss in the bedroom.wink
One's sex life should be private.

It is nobody else's business except your own.
"Once I met a girl in the club"..... Oh oh...uh oh was she ,uh,dancing in a business suit. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
We know a disponible girl..wink devil
Swami, backtrack a minute to the 15:min party before the wine food arrived you said you worked for a US business and asked why there was a difference. Difference in what way?confused
yes molly ... when sex is private ... then do not send false signals in public .... else do not wonder when stalkers knock on the door.laugh So you do not need to block the people. laugh You have more chance to find your match .... but perhaps some people stay on stalkers. laugh

daniela ... shy and tiger? Does not fit together. laugh More like shy and spiderlaugh Wow, how sound .... the sipderwoman?

ashlander ... I asume that I understand who you are talking about. The business woman ..... in the club. laugh That kind of women usually I drop down from the bedlaugh I have it done some couple of time ... Narcis should love himself in all circumstances. I am not a voyeur and do not watch narcisistic spectacle. I play in my own.laugh
I assume you guessed the bra number then.rolling on the floor laughing
Good morning ! wave I see the party is still going on?

Or are they just getting over the might and picking up the broken glass and empty bottles?
Some Americans went to work.The party lasted a little longer than expected but the motive was worth it. Swami wanted a party blog.careful what you wish for. thumbs up
yes ... now I will continue the party in the real life .. I have to make a machine running banana head banger applause
see you later ... or notlaugh
The more the merrier, equals peoples. From all the great things you could choose to define a party you pick the one thing that makes it shit - the limit.
Seems we understand different. I make a differece between party and chaos.
Is the same we discuss about democracy and anarchy.

My party is unlimited ... the key word is affinity.

At New Year people have the same reason to celebrate .. so is party for eachone ... But they celabrate in groups.

If we go further we may speak about GOD. He is unic so we may celabrate Him and have a party.
Could cover the entire world ....But does not work ... because people are different ...
Good evening'm waiting for the said party to begin?

Maybe you should think of a different title to describe what you have in mind?dunno
today is private party ...very exclusive
hello daniela ....i am resting ... in the shadow

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