Sex robots

When do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market?
Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing?
Will they also bath and cloth people?
Will they nag and worry? That's what I dread the mostblah blah blah my ear being bent and shouted inpointing
rolling on the floor laughing

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Why don't you just go with a blind, deaf housekeeper instead?
Blind is no good molly, because she won't be able to read my list of house dutieswriting laugh
Braille, man, braille roll eyes
Can I give you the list will you pass it onto, any really hot house keepers with everything in the right placeswink
why get a sex robot when you can have the real flesh and blood
Everything in the right place?

Like all the plates together?

The forks not in the spoon space?
Maybe I could train you mollywink I would supply the pinny and oven glovesgrin what do you say my sweatie piedevil
I'm not that sweaty uh oh

I've seen you jogging around me for weeks and here is a towel for your warm sweaty bodygrin
I actually hardly sweat at all, I'll have you know conversing
I bet I would make you sweat if I showed you the housekeeping dutieswink wink grin
I'd make you sweat more when I kicked you in the goolies grin
shes vicious
Jim I'm still trying to tame the wild beast, but she is a fighter for sureboxing I want to find your feminine side molly and sooner or later I willwink
I wonder how real to life these robots will look in the futurewow
Freedom, if feminine to you means somebody who will wash and iron your jocks, then you'll be waiting a long time. wink
Molly I get the feeling we would end up like these two
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
End up as??

Nah, we'd start put that way laugh
Molly I would never ask you to put away the oven gloves or the ironwink
Golf iron?
Molly, It's only 200 shirts and pairs of trousers to iron, but you can play golf after thoughwow
Golf is as boring as ironing

Your poor future ex is in for a boring life
Your a real kill joyblues moping uh oh
That's me cool
Yes I caught you in a very mean mood, but it could be just the menopausetongue
Nope, I'm always like that grin
There you are!

I waited for you.....devil
don't mind her shes just grumpy ...needs a fella is all that's wrong is mixed up she will come around keep at it
Feck off, JJ laugh
Molly, A woman is no good to me if she does not want to please me and make me happyprofessor
Maybe you never pleased a man and all you did is run him out of townconfused
Your defensive wall is as hard as nailsdrinking
Freedom, you soooo don't know me wink
Theone, Bnaughty can have you and I let you goyay
shes just waiting for an invite id say
but I thought you like my firm assetsmoping
I'm not even sure you know yourself mollywink
The one. you can't win them alldancing
Believe me, I do
What does your mirror tell youconfused

This clip was scaryrolling on the floor laughing

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