Sex robots

When do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market?
Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing?
Will they also bath and cloth people?
Will they nag and worry? That's what I dread the mostblah blah blah my ear being bent and shouted inpointing
rolling on the floor laughing

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Why do some women make me sing along to this songgrin
Because you subconsciously want that type of woman nerd
Molly, Maybe I dated a woman like that and can relate to the songprofessor Most musicians depend on people relating to their songs and buying themprofessor It's easy to singing along to a song you know all the words too and relate too
So you dated one woman like that, and dated other women who weren't. yet you only zone in on the one that was ...nerd
Molly, I made wrong choices in the women I dated and none were worth the effort professor
My late mother is the only great woman I have had in my life and I can live with thatprofessor
There is only one common element in the type of women you
Molly, You don't know my story and you keep on busting my balls every chance you get

Do you have very deep unresolved issues?
No , I don't

But what I do do is take responsibility for my own choices and decisions, and not blame others
Molly, I just admitted to making wrong choices, but I doubt any right one's are available either, so I say it as I see it
Are you saying that you believe there is no good women out there at all?
Molly, I don't like it when others take my words and try to change them into something else!!!
I doubt there is a right woman for me
I didn't change your words to use against you

I asked you was that what you were saying
But I never said those words and you just imagined them to be truetongue

I talk about myself, but notice you are like a solid brick wall and your defences are up at all times, because you must have something to hide and afraid to talk about yourselfprofessor
I have nothing to hide

I just don't think all men are bastards, so I don't write blogs about them being dunno
Once again your imagination has run away with youdoh my blog is about sex robots rolling on the floor laughing
Oh, I didn't realise my post was about you uh oh
Gosh you have a lovely profile grin

And if it's combined with a Welsh accent, I'm astonished you haven't been eaten alive

What's wrong with women in the Northern Hemisphere rolling on the floor laughing
I've never checked out his profile, Serene

Is he a hottie? grin
Well I'm not sure Molly conversing but his grammar is excellent and I didn't detect any spelling mistakes so he has my vote laugh

He's spent time on his profile, it's warm, interesting and inviting thumbs up
I felt the need to check him out after your comment laugh

Good profile alright, I do appreciate when effort has gone in to writing one

I bet you his favourite film growing up was Tarzan & Jane conversing

Sorry, Freedom help
I predict 60-80% of the reason women receive attention and favour will melt away with the arrival of sex robots(a woman would even buy you a drink, Free). It'll be the day women find out how good their personalities really are what a marvellous invention by men.
laugh @ Obs

I guess the same could be said about men with the invention of male robots

I don't know if Freedom wants a woman to buy him a drink though. That might be unfeminine.
Women are really going to panic when sex robots are available to men, because they will no longer have the power of sex to attract a man, so they will really have to work very hard to make a man happy and please him, if they want his money, his children and his home, because the robot might be a better cook than a woman, better at sex than a woman and much easier to live with, than a woman
We'd survive cool
You will all have to turn to the dark side molly and mow the grass with your mouths laugh
The taste and smell of kippers rolling on the floor laughing
I would think a 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' clause would be good.laugh
It can't be that seem to enjoy it cool
When men have robots women will be going frantic, racking their brains and thinking of a plan "B" to get a mans attention, because men will have satisfaction in the bedroom, the kitchen and the whole house will look perfect, so what woman could compete with perfectiongrin
Bless your little imaginative heart
Molly don't be so cruel,,,, please grant us our trips of fantasylaugh
Luke, Of course they will be tested to the highest standards and satisfaction will be guaranteed or it's money backgrin
Alright Luke, dream on babe grin
A would order a marilyn Monroe and have her re enact

Talk about sexysmitten
Thanks Mol,,, you are so kind...blushing

@Freedom, And she is a natural blond,, what a bonuslaugh Blondes do have more fun don't they?dunno

Let me get back to work ratherlaugh wave
I want to build a time machine and go back to a time, before feminism took away a woman's femininity and her great love of a masculine male manprofessor
Freedom, stick with the sex robots
Even pre-feminist women might be too much woman for you wink

Poor Hardywow
Molly, I know for fact that pre-feminist women were very feminine, attentive, loving and had no problem with their biological nature, because they never wanted to be masculine and they never feared or hated masculine men.

The family unit back then was solid and not many abandonment issues or male suicide rate soring, unlike today's toxic society
it already exists.

It is not really the fault of women. society acts cruelly on men.
In court we are the sour losers after break up. Society can be harsher on men.
And after such a burn a lot aren't willing to invest anymore. A more equal society could solve this.
It really isn't only sex that is sought.

In felony crimes(rape, stalking) we do tend to get the benefit of the doubt.
dinzita: "The Fast and The Furious"(meet us in the quizzes)

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