Lets get physical...

I have had 3 e-mails in the last week commenting on my blue eyes...

So why is it only the physical aspect that is attractive crying

And how do you respond to being looked on as a piece of meat


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So why is it only the physical aspect that is attractive.
Its not, you just get mail from shallow people. dunno

Try blogging with no photo if you want people to know you for your words handshake
You really have beautiful eyesblushing
Did so mention to you at your age you are cute ? and your response was ? Nah nah not me , lol
This phone , did somone mention
I get 3 types of e mails
One people wanting to save your soul
People wanting my money
And people wanting my blue eyes moping
Dont remember ever being told I'm cute... confused
laugh oh yes you were.
....on another blog though.

.....the Irish joker laugh
Mr nosmoker, half of my mails are from nophoto members. How come?
Why would that bother you ..your name is blue,not bloody. And it could always be about blue balls instead.rolling on the floor laughing

dunno I see you're a glass half empty type of gal.
Do you feel thirsty when you see these mails from Ambiguous Males wink
No. They make me wonder why they are hiding.

...and my half empty glass is most probably the amount of half full of yours. cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel :ca
I'm not hiding, I'm being oppressed professor
Ash, you're wicked.

That CS party yesterday....... laugh
.....7 members, average age 78 laugh
Well bloody her party disappeared and reckon you were all kids under 8 as i was 70 or am 70 rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing roll eyes
I was not that serous for you to explain ,. I was being funny . I understood your question .
gerryonbroadway: "Flowers"(meet us in the poems)

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