For those of you women who feel powerless...

Let the blog below show you different.

Playing with the toy of love is a misconception. Love is no toy.

Goes the same with men....

For what it is worth.

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Which blog below, Johnny?
...and for those who do just play.....get some help
sure its just a bit of funn if its what you means no harm in
in addition, whoever went on his blog just to post a cold comment to him, I feel sorry for you.

sad flower
ej's molly
Johnny, are you talking about that blog by the emotional blackmailer?

Emotional blackmailers are the turds of the earth.

They do not deserve sympathy
yeah I agrees thought you meant something else
Capcha proved I am not a Bot. Btw I am not a POS or a MILF or cheers
As I already posted on nams blog

"This place is a mad house without doctors

When the crazies try to analyse and diognse each other that's when it gets truly dangerous"
I am on my lunch break though..b'bye
for a moment there, I thought you were referring to my blogdoh laugh
Johnny I saw/read that particular blog and it sadden me.moping
Truly...I hope you are right Molly. But I take people at face their word...I don't know otherwise.
that's the kind of blog where I would rather keep my opinion to myself...yes, it's sadsigh
Not to mention, if 99.99% are blackmailers, what harm is there in being warm to save that .01%?

I would rather be wrong 99.99% of the times to save a life. My ego is not that important.
Sparton, I like free and don't agree with her ex using these underhanded tactics on herprofessor The game is over between those two and it's sour grapes from very insecure manginaprofessor
Johnny I agree with you.thumbs up
Free...granted we all do not know the full details.

But there are some women that loosely play with love as a toy for their own ego boost.

as there are men too.

For those who is not a toy.

Free, perhaps you can share with me how you came up with the conclusion you did? How do you know it was not just some woman on here leading a man truly finding the love of his life...perhaps is first....and she was not just playing with him for her own ego boost?
If everyone kept their opinions to themselves, noone would receive any feedback or wisdom professor wave
wave Heyyy! Johnny
In the past 5 days...locally here in the area I live, from family and friends, I have now heard of 3 suicides.

sigh sad flower
The only question I can ask myself is....where is the love?
Hello nice to see you.
Morning Jonny cant say for sure which one your on about as so many queer bloggers on now, for once I agree with Blue.

I reckon the site is being sabataged by aliens, no taking jokes out of it some peeps take delight in spoiling blogs by the babble teddybear teddybear teddybear

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