Hello again

Hi everyone I have been on blogs for 5 years now and just recently returned needed a little break. I see now a lot of new bloggers here now and glad to meet you, and also see some of my good friends.

My question is, it seems different now is it me or has it changed in someway you that are still here from old times maybe will be able to answer my question?

some of the best people in the world are here on blogs.

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Hello Wenever
New and different faces, but the same old shenanigans I suppose.
And yes you are right a good bunch of folks.

Life is never truly stagnant. Be it in reality or the Virtual.

Welcome back.
@nons,, yes I guess you are right the same old same old, just something feels different. I don't know if you was here 5 years ago, but it was rough on here people would get banned from here cause they was so rude, but now it seems a like you might get away with things you didn't then.

thanks for the comment cheers
Hello Wenny!

"Yep..You Kept Your Word"

"When You Said You Were Back For Good"

"For Those...Who Have Been Gone From The Blogs.... For Some Time?"

"When They Do Come Back?"..."Yeah..Its Going To Seem ...That Its Not The Same"

"But For Us...Who Havnt Left?"

("This So Called Change... That Those... Who Have Been Gone For A While Experience?")

"For Us...Who Havnt Left?"...Its Barely Noticeable".......................detective
Nam. Yes I see and agree. handshake
"Things Always Seem To Be"

"Just A Little Bit Better"

"Wenever Youre Around".....................detective
Good to see you Wenwave
name. Got it. rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Cap good to see you and hope everything is good with you. hug
"Well...On The Blogs Right Now?"

"We Have A .............."Wenever"

"Im Waiting For"

"Someone Named..... "Whatever"... Next"......................detective
Nam. Lol yes. rolling on the floor laughing
Hello,wave Welcome Backhandshake Oh theres still a lot of good people here,yay We ve lost some characters, maybe they ll be back, For myself taking a break from CS, and actually getting out and meeting people can sure be a pleasant change.
good or bad, we're here. hello
1 to 1 to 1. Yes the break was good for me, and yes I am getting out more myself. Thanks for the comment. cheers
freehand. Hello
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