so,I`m having a coffee ...

what is it that makes us post a blog with a shitload of blah blah blah ?

Is it a new trend ,lack of pets who`d listened to our babbling and rambling ,maybe we`re out of tranquilizers ...

How much time do you take to think before you post ? grin

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I hate drama and don't endorse it - if I wanted to make clear to someone to leave me alone, I simply told a guy so and blocked all communication - that worked so far.

Attention no matter how?
It'd take more than one coffee anyway grin
I gave up coffee so I just blog now between naps,
Catch you in an hour or so sleep yawn
I had thought about doing a blog about Barley-cup, But I thought it might clash should someone write a coffee one .
Sure was a close call eh cool
How much time do you take to think before you post ?

Not much, I've too much other things bugging me...laugh
Hi Dedo..
One cup of coffee wouldn't be enough for two.

So here is for YOU and HER

KN..dittothumbs up

Dedo...I was wondering the same thing??confused

I never write a blog about personal issues or about some bloggers and I deal with in private.wave

I generally put a lot of thought into my blogs and sometimes it's just in a moment of inspiration.
Dedo, you've just done the right thing for her.
How much time did you take to think before you posted this one?
yup, I just had another cup of coffee and a couple of smokes ,yet i missed the oportunity to make a video about it ...uh oh
About 2 cups time rolling on the floor laughing I'll blah once.tongue
that blog should have already disappeared. i don't even think it should have been posted.
But adults have a right to act as children, i suppose.

and you want to elaborate on that??

People should stop blogging about blogs or topics or treatement by other site-passerby's.

thumbs down
we have a thumb down emoticon???shock
I thought long and hard about my comment but then farted an........


too late crying
oh dear Lord ,thank you for making me so handsome,sexy,well endowed ,smart and rich ...grin
All those, and living too far away moping

I don´t blog much as my thoughts are on a higher plain than everyone else
BN. .are you, are you in the top 1% wow
i has applied clay on my face ...head banger
Wheres my popcorn ...?
Well Dedo...haven't you got your answers yet???

She doesn't seem to have got hers either...apparently ? doh doh doh
Naughty...What kind of plain...or PLANE are you on exactly ? confused
how did you know that the picture was taken on a airport?laugh
Dedo. The idea pops into my head, and the short writeup follows.

Then it depends on the attitude of the posters ?

and I do get nasty when reciprocated.
Its better not to think banana
I'm listening to to the mating call of the
"Blogus Gaviiformes" While having my breakfast coffee
Lindy_lou: "Gurteen Bay"(meet us in the puzzles)

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