I Think This Is My Year

So I had another date last night...it was a boring date in an Irish pub but the seafoods and drinks were all worth dressing downlaugh We were the last customer to leave the pub at 2 am...and we went our separate ways.

I didn't realized just how much I was drinking till I fell down the stairs, cussing and blaming my high heels. My apartment is on 3rd floor and no lift. I like the stairs, it's good exercise but not when I had too much to drink!sigh

I picked up a bottle of milk and cans of sodas on my way home and those cans made my neighbors get out and witnessed my embarrassing moment but I was quick to get up and bid them "good morning" Was wearing an off-shoulder tops, was meant to show off some cleavage but for some bad luck I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. I felt so relieved when I finally I got home, went straight to the toilet, trying to rid myself of the excess alcohol in my system and when I looked in the mirror, that off-shoulder tops didn't just bared my shoulder, it bared one of my breast, luckily I was wearing a decent bra...but wondering if my neighbor noticed it too...or my date and some people in the pub grin

I'm enjoying harmless dating these days.. men seem to find me attractive...or maybe this is what "life begins at 40" is all about ?yay laugh

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Another date with a different man, or a repeat?

You've got to be clear so we can properly follow your love life vicariously professor

you a feckin a basket case for sure
I thought you werent allowed to drink alcohol over there. I'd be scared of being whipped or having my hands chopped off.
This is another one Molly...an Engineerwink laugh

so far this year...

Dickie....the one who wanted babies....
The Prick...hot cook ( the regular one)
The Aussie lawyer ( the annoyingly persistent one)
Engineer ( last night), he's nice but too nice for me

there's another one for next weekend...maybe just maybe

there are a few lining up but I'm not interested enough to go out with them.

I lived a very quiet life for many years, now that I'm coming out....I'm loving it!yay

I will behave myself when I'm 70up. I promise you thatlaugh

for now, I'll enjoy lifedancing
coming out of the dress wheres the jerk I don't see him in the mix

where have you been? It's frustrating when everyone thinks that Jordan is like Saudisigh

we have fun night life here, this country is full of expats and countless pubs and nightclubs here...you really need to come here.

You can wear what you want here, no one will bother you...you can get drunk here, no one will bother you unless you cause troublelaugh

He knows I'm going crazylaugh He;s doing OK, was just chatting to him. He;s in Cumbria right now, visiting his sick sister...then to see his old mum in Kirkcudbright tomorrow...we're OK, he knows what I'm up to... we happen to be good friends too so I find it hard to hide things from himsigh
I imagine there would be nice food there, as well as public stonings and mosques.

You do have a wild imaginationlaugh
why don't we put all that wild imagination into something else?

I promise you, when you come here, You'll have a great time...all the alcohol you want to drink and sexy women wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination...trust me on titscheers
think they cut of hands there .id be afraid over there
Only if you get caught...
I suppose you could keep in your pocket
Its forbidden to have your hands in your pockets during Ramadan.
Ye fecking eejits laugh

NO, they don't cut hands here, if you're caught stealing you go to jail for few months...laws here are not that rigid comparing to neighboring countries...this is a very open country, expats feel safe and at home herecheers
think they don't mind if your irish and drunk and with that crazy one
Jesus, Pat! You really have a wild imaginationlaugh
Don't scare JJ...I know he will love it here, nice weather, friendly people, nice places to see...etc.
crazy id not believe you your inviting people to a dangerous place coul disappear over there never be heard of again
I'd go in a heartbeat if I had the cash

You;ll see a lot of drunk drivers here at night, as long as they don't break traffic rules, they're OK. laugh

like I said, You can do what you want here, even kiss in public, nobody bothers ...and yeah, lots of foreigners here, including Irish...we have lots of Irish pubs here...my favorite is Murphy's and The Dubliners where you will see lots of drunk Irishmen, Brits, Scots , Aussies, Americans and locals...just trying to paint a picture of what's night life herelaugh

I assure you, I have lots of friends from UK and USA , Europe who love coming back here from time to time...and they all love this countrythumbs up

Just book a flight, I'll take care of the rest...we'll have fun herethumbs up

perfect time for tourism here...great weather, not too hot, not too cold...great for camping and hiking Petra, Wadi Rum and other interesting places herethumbs up
they do same around here driving .and we can kiss as well were very open now women with a tit habnging out is frowned upon you could be abducted

Despite what people think of the country and the way of life here, I assure you, this is one of the safest country to live...haven't heard of any missing or abducted child or person here... Aside from the war in the neighboring countries, crime rate here is low, I feel safe walking in the street late at night on my own...and that says a lotthumbs up other expats here will tell you the same...
ah I know its a safe country im just messing is just when we think of middle aeast we band all together ....sur its a lovely place .... do you have your head covered when out

Never covered my head, not even when I was marriedlaugh My in-laws are Muslim and don't wear covers...many women here don't wear covers anymore and living a carefree life...expats do the same.

there are liquor stores here and pork butcherydoh laugh
im just winding you sorry butcery ha ha we say butchers sure its on internet but is better explained fro you more interesting ha ha
I know JJlaugh

But just love to enlighten others here who think that we are all living a miserable life here in the Middle Eastlaugh
no sure I know about I have a nephew there hes on a fortune is there 7 years ....big jeep supplied massive petrol costs five eoro to fill paid by company is the place to be if you want earn big .have to be cute

yes, expats enjoy luxurious life here...good benefits and everything provided for them...most of my expats friends were reluctant to leave once they finished their work contract, most would renew as long as they can...said that what they're getting here will be impossible to get if they go back home...also, it's a safe place to raise kids and have plenty of good school here too...life is easy for expats here, and it's easy to get along with friendly locals and hospitable culture here.
I'm not reading your blogs;
because I'm gonna wait for them to be released on dvd so I can binge watch the box-set laugh

What will the title be ? laugh
yeah ite where id go if young again this chap will be a millionaireee when he returns has huge money there is obscene really cant say anymore on good night
JJ, I hope you are safe from the hurricane tomorrow

It's only down south is on red warning, so you should be okay

The title will be " The Jerk, The Wanker, The Prick and The Dickhead"...that's too long though...moping laugh I think each one will be Chapter title...need to come up with a good title ...dunno
JJ, Non, Molly and others there ...BE SAFE!

we have 4 nice seasons here...winter not too cold and summer not to hot...spring and fall are glorious,
Uh yeah..time to change your profile from " just bored" rolling on the floor laughing
To " please take a number, and be seated" tongue
The problem with you Crazy is that you don´t like it up the bumscold
kidd69rock: "still need help"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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