I Think This Is My Year

So I had another date last night...it was a boring date in an Irish pub but the seafoods and drinks were all worth dressing downlaugh We were the last customer to leave the pub at 2 am...and we went our separate ways.

I didn't realized just how much I was drinking till I fell down the stairs, cussing and blaming my high heels. My apartment is on 3rd floor and no lift. I like the stairs, it's good exercise but not when I had too much to drink!sigh

I picked up a bottle of milk and cans of sodas on my way home and those cans made my neighbors get out and witnessed my embarrassing moment but I was quick to get up and bid them "good morning" Was wearing an off-shoulder tops, was meant to show off some cleavage but for some bad luck I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. I felt so relieved when I finally I got home, went straight to the toilet, trying to rid myself of the excess alcohol in my system and when I looked in the mirror, that off-shoulder tops didn't just bared my shoulder, it bared one of my breast, luckily I was wearing a decent bra...but wondering if my neighbor noticed it too...or my date and some people in the pub grin

I'm enjoying harmless dating these days.. men seem to find me attractive...or maybe this is what "life begins at 40" is all about ?yay laugh

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yeah wind has come ..is roaring goodo ..think me big syscamore tree .wont make is shaking badly ...think cork and over clare is getting worse ..galway and mayo ...inside I will stay anyway ..
I hope this is just a blog for attention . Getting drunk know on the first date . you have ever to be joking.
Glad you are ok from fall down stairs, if I had been there I would have helped you up but must tell the truth after I see you was ok I might have laughed a little. rolling on the floor laughing
Sheesh CH,

And here I thought I was the only one...

ONE out of the 20 you might like and date. frustrated
middle age crazy

it's not like that at all...I'm just boredmoping laugh

you know my rules...professor that part is sacred to melaugh he's got to be a holy man to be able to convince melaugh

I was reading about the storm there...and was checking on all Irish bloggers, everyone seems to be here except Non...?

Non ? You OK there?

nothing wrong with drinking on first date as long as we go our separate ways and I'm still sober enough to find my way home...grin

My other date started with a good bottle of wine too...ended up great, wine tend to make me lose my inhibition and turn me into a carefree person when I'm tipsy.

but when I'm really drunk, they better run awaylaugh

don't worry, I know my limits...the stairs was just too high and not really a good onesigh

yes, I'm in one piece, I fell few steps on the 2nd floor. it was the cans that made awful noises...thanks to the banister, I was able to climb to my apartment, I was clinging to it like dear lifelaugh

it feels good to be stupid sometimes, the seriousness of life tend to drive me nutssigh

I assure you, if you're here, you'll be #1laugh

Middle age...not there yet, not yetlaugh
Crazy did you know that your weird cousin has a p*nis?

No, I didn't know that but I know there are many p*nis after her...what you saw must be one of themrolling on the floor laughing
Engineer ( last night), he's nice but too nice for me laugh
Zindagi ki har shah: sanwai teri zulfon ke kham magar rah gaye
Sorted out everything in life, sadly your curls were left out. frustrated
Non was alive and kicking earlier anyway
Crazy you and your cousin are like Batman and Bruce Wayne, never in the same place at the same timedetective
How was the storm at your end Molly?
Hey, Iota,

good to see you backhug

How have you been?
BN, it was fecking scary for a few hours.

It's mostly blown over now, just a windy night

Back to work tomorrow

Glad to know that....I've read 3 dead and thousands have no power...would be a relief to see Non back here soon

we can't be in the same place...I can't stand herlaugh
Yeah Crazy, more would have died if they hadn't heeded the warnings and stayed indoors.
It was really bad for several hours.
A lot of my garden ended up on the other side of the garden, and some ended up in the neighbour's garden.
There were 3 trees knocked across the road. Luckily none of the big ones near my house fell.
But you'd be on your guard the whole time just in case.
I'm glad it's over. We are just not used to extreme weather here.
is name for your novel .....MIDDLE AGE CRAZY
Molly, check your garden for any bonus materials that may have landed there such as a scooter or a bus
Crazy, by the time it´s my turn to date you I´m worried that your private part will be worn away
BN, I'll do a complete search tomorrow in the daylight

A bus would be handy alright. But only if complete with bus driver.

BN is right, check for bonuses in your gardenlaugh

yeah, reminds of storms back home in Philippines...scary!

I'll keep that title in mind....but not yet, I'm only just beginningdancing

no fear of that....once the going gets tough I drop them like a hot potatolaugh

I stick to one, when I get feed up I will respectfully let him know before taking any others seriously....

just bored and a good company to go out with and to talk to can be fun, besides, I always make it clear that I'm not looking for a serious date nor intimacy...so no bad feelings when I refuse their second or third invitationlaugh

if you can make my toes curl...I'll be yours blushing
Ading, I am glad you are having fun. Just make sure your journal is all filled up with the exciting things you don't want to forget when you will write down your book.

I would suggest the Title to be: Those were the days. Then like you said, each of them will have each own chapter that highlights all the events that took place.

I would definitely buy one just to read it over and over again. I will place my order in advance. I hope Non wouldn't mind.

Take care ading and make sure you are not driving home when under the influence. bouquet hug
mtncabingirl: "together "(meet us in the ecards)

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