Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You?

Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You?

This guy message me and he's gone.
What in the world happen to him anyway.
When i try to reply his message then his profile become hidden.
I havent wrote any cruel words for him to reply.
What happen to world?

Hi Hello How Are You? Where Are You?
Are you ok?

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People do that all the time.

Forget about him and move on to the next.
Yes Ok Molly Thank you
Datatraveler, I can pretend to be your friend if you want, we wont tell anyone on herehandshake
yeah happens regular
sound's like a kid faking,being funny
deja vu for me....
It does seem contact requirements can be more stringent when somebody is offline.
So maybe wait till he checks the site again
When he realized your were a Asian from a 3rd world country he thought you are probably online to find a foreign guy for money and to go to live in his country as this is what a lot of scum bad low class no brains Filipino woman do.All the free dating sites and facebook are so full of woman from 3rd world countries now looking for old guys with money which is the love trap.Be careful of people living in poor countries!
@liberty, your comment smells discrimination and somehow disgusting. you can't overgeneralize people based on some cases of which most treated people suffered due to their own ignorance and greed. And don't think people in "developed" "1st class" countries are superior especially those whose minds are not yet liberalized! shame one you!
@Datatraveler: some profiles have filters to prevent people who don't meet the profile owners' criteria from messaging them. maybe this guy liked you but didnt notice that he put on the filters. or maybe he found someone and removed his profile or he just wanted to play around to fool light hearted people.

in any cases, the sea is full of fish. forget him and go for the one who shows the greatest effort to make you happy dancing
Hi....salam Jakarta....

ada beberapa tipe laki2 seperti itu. Menjengkelkan!. Tidak usah buang waktu untuk mereka.
Problemnya ada di orang tsb. Happy search Data....wave
Either he was a fake and got removed, or like me, when and if I find someone I will remove my profile too. To me this is a sign of trust and commitment when you find someone you like and who likes you. Just saying. When I find someone my mind and heart is only on that 1 person.
Lupain ajah ngga worthed mbak . mati satu tumbuh seribu. hehehe ::laugh:
Tetap semangat yaa teddybear
Hi again...was it Robert? He'll turn up.Must be busy making DVDs again.thumbs up

LastStrike -thumbs up and whatever Kasih said.hug
And Lindzlin laugh

LastStrike you must be searching high and low yourself.snowman2
what do you mean Ashlander?
LS you were traveling to California? If I remember right.And now I see you in the SNOW wow
So you must be up high.You look happy to be there.cheering
Mr.Liberty Trust....This is a different blogger.
Maybe post that opinion somewhere,like your profile.mumbling
yes ashlander, I've been to 8 states of US and will be living in Cali next year grin
Ash, i told her forget him. There are still plenty of fish in the sea. laugh

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