Something I want to say...

Maybe,maybe I was wrong... I got some mails from men and appreciated them. Cos I am not a positive person writting first. I only know waitting instead of writting, But, sometimes I felt down when read their questions to me. Such like "where are you from?”, “ are you single?” ... and so on, these all can be found in my profile. if they read carefully before writing to ask methinks, or maybe my profile was not express clear... ? dunno

I would say I am a pure Chinese woman, and adore honest people. Trick and lie and falsus will be revealled as time goes by... so at first I would always trust you whatever you said ... cos everyone is worth trusted till one's action goes far from their mouths (words). uh oh

Nothig worries me, I am happy with my own life... wine

I turned off the comment button as I am afraid I had no time to reply ...
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