Phil Robertson this is the reason his show was cancelled

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On two counts, that was so worth it!
Freedom comes from God and know when
I feel it is what I should do I WILL post a
PRAYER. thumbs up Amen.hug

We are all created by the same Father and I do
so love my brothers and sisters. wink 2 1/2 rolling on the floor laughing
Mr Stringman takes the time to present these insightful videos and the comments are limited to one. Take 27 minutes of your life and listen to Phil. He is not a preacher, so don't be fearful, he's better than a preacher, he's real he's honest and he's not selling anything that will cost you money. Just take 27 minutes.
Decent fellow, it would seem. But while most of what the Marxist elitist crumbs wrote and said was truely beschisseen, they were on to something when warning of the opiate of the lumpen proletariat. I respect the need for and practice of religion in anyone. But all such beliefs and deep emotional attachments are easily misled. History is full of murderous examples, as are the current news sources, fake or otherwise. Patiotism. The hypnotic mantras of slick talking would be demigogs. Cheap suit clad, pompidor topped pulpit bumpkins. The shekel, in whatever form. It's a log list here, each with it's own cautionary tale. Just sayin'. Aa.
Mr altarboy, no E in truly..tip hat
Mr stringman, Phil says it clearly, there is no more 'moral compass' it's gone, that's why the atheists, islamists and agnostics are rising in popularity. It's a lot easier to do what your flesh requests, but much more difficult to do what your soul needs.
so true sea , the US had 8yrs. of corruption and has lost its morals. well it started before that but just has gotten worse.
Thanks S. Four languages. I truly need all the help I can get. Aa.

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