What's Wrong with People?

Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of different time zones), adjusted your schedule or turned down friends' invites because you'd rather be corresponding with that person then suddenly, you are left hanging in there - he/she just stopped communicating without even telling you why and you don't even remember saying or doing anything offensive at all? Then you just realize he/she started deleting his profile and everything as if someone is after him/her when you were just in the beginning phase and not smothering in any way and just retreated yourself voluntarily? Seriously, guys, what do you think happened?

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Its hard to say what happened exactly but there is a good chance they are not who they made themselves out to be.

This type of thing happens. For whatever reason, people do strange things. Look at it this way, at least it happened before you got too involved.
Hi Geline,
Well it's best to just put it behind you.......unfortunately on cs you never know what you will get.
Some people are genuine whereas others are just plainly false. Lots of scammers too.

You obviously really like this guy, but best to just shrug your shoulders and forget it.
Don't let it deter you, I'm sure you will find a great guy!
But my advice is don't get too carried away and tread carefully...before you get too romantic comfort

Hey- Track is a great guy! grin
you probably think that its your fault girl but its not hes a jerk or a scammer and point is hes not a good profile and hes not who he says he is.
so its not you, its him. 3-7 days thats usually how long it takes till you forget him.
Ghosting is more common than we think
It just means he is a d1ckless coward
You are better off without him.
Say it like it is Molly ! hug
laugh @ Rob.
Should I start practicing veiled words instead? laugh
No Molly...we love you as you are! grin kiss
Thank you so much, guys, for the responses! I appreciate it a lot. I guess you're all correct. Peace and happiness to all!
I am sure this happens all the time and it is a lot better to find out early than later. something you said I would advise not to do is turn down invites from friends they might have been able to help you in some kind of way to see he is a jurk

Good luck in life hug
we're only humans.
Next! professor
Married people go on these sites and scammers, so the chances are you were speaking to one or that person met someone else? Don't beat yourself up about it, because it happens to most on these sites and you have to grow a thick skin to it
laugh That is life.laugh
I have many explanations. But read one my blogs regarding how communication on internet change peoples perception.
May be you think that you are communicating with the person ... but in fact each of you is projecting in own mind a false image about what happens between you.laugh
You write something ... and the other understands something else laugh
And no mechanism is available to adjust this. If you tuch some sensitive point then the other may take it personally and runs away.
Sorry Celine but just move on. Hope your disappointment and confusion will get healed fast. Don't beat yourself too much on him. He probably found someone and just can't have the courage to say it in your face.

Be very careful and I wish you luck. There are so many real and good ones here. I have found two of my greatest love on here.wave bouquet Welcome to the blog. My first time to see you.teddybear
Mimi, I love that positive thinking. Next!... Is your Art there with you now? I hope you'll be here soon.teddybear
"What's Wrong with People?"

I can only speak for myself;
I suffer form a preexisting condition called "Others"
Non...lol. you just made me laugh and still laughing. Don't we all?wave peace
I love positive thinking too. But this is an atitude and not a solution .....

To find the solution you need to use your brain .... To work, to be informed, to put everything together ... and then the solution will rise ... The solution will be never the internet ... pehaps in the future some people will get some electrodes in the brain ... and will live another beautiful and virtual life.

I may suggest ... run away from virtual relationships ... go into the real world.
Are you suggesting there are no real people that are looking for real relationships on here?

If that is your case, I beg to disagree. I have so many friends who are still here and yet been married for more than 5 years each, and still happily living their lives here and in the real world.

In fact, Mimi is one of them. Right Mimi? In the Poetry Corner alone, I have about a dozen couple, who connected through here and living life happily together. I have found the most remarkable love on here and I am still here.

But each to each own. I suggest to be careful as this is plagued with more scammers than not.
The Human Condition LJ laugh wine
I am saying that virtual sites are a source of information. When you are realistic and search around your location then you may find someone, and you may have a date. But if you start to have a heavy email exchange then is all clear.
You may meet a person here. You introduce yourself and you agree a date. If this is not working ... and you start to write message and message .... then is a lose of time.
You made the decision in the real life not based on virtual information and virtual reality. You need to go into the real life as fast you can.
Hiya Lindsay applause

Art is planning to come to Malaysia in mid-March. He plans to be with his MiMi for 2 months smitten

Hopefully, this time next year, I'd be able to join him in Omaha....going to bed together and waking up next to each other..........unless we have a tiff and he will end up in the shed outside! rolling on the floor laughing
Now those are the predetermined effect of our actions Non. Human condition. Isn't it fascinating that we are made exactly of our own individual conditions in order to ignite all varied of actions and factors that determine our responses to each case? Anyways, human condition Non...a huge, big, unexplored territory...teddybear wine
Mimi....I am so happy for you both. I can't wait and I will invite you for a cup of coffee then, at your choice of either Starbucks or Caribou...In Omaha or in California, my treat...teddybear teddybear
Nah.. I never got out of here and still happily living my life...but I understand your point..You meet here, connect. love each other and bam.."outahere"

I am happy I am still here. Not looking or wanting to connect with anyone. As a matter of fact blocked most of the world. Now with the new format, I can't block my own country but block most of those who express the desire to meet me. As friends, I am okay. I have met so many of them in real life and still friends.wave
@ Mimi wave Here in the states the shed is called the dog house, when I was married was in there often rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Lindsy hug bouquet

In California, your treat


In Omaha, my treat.....errrrr......Art's treat giggle

Wen applause

Awwww.....you should've gotten the shed air-conditioned at least! Just told Art that he'd get at least a blanket and two feather pillows! laugh
Mimi, I presume that he is allergic to feathers giggle
Oh no Molly, he sleeps only on feather pillows, must have at least two of them!

Imagine to his horror when we were in Spain coz all we got was this in all the hotels we stayed..

Aww Mimi, I am sure they'd have obliged if you requested a different one...just saying..

Okay Mimi, I am on.
lacking in the capacity to love department? dunno
Thank you, lindsyjones! Yes, this is my first time here, first time to have experienced this, first time to create a blog, and I'm glad to have done this. Thank you! I love your opinions and that of others too. I'm moving on, yahoo!applause
Try not to let this bother you too much. It sucks that he disappeared on you but depending on how you look at it, you could consider it a blessing that it happened now instead of a later stage when you could have been really attached and it would have been that much harder.

In the meantime, lots of others out there who are more deserving of your attention.
Geline,Good for you with the moving on.thumbs up
I can suggest women do the same they are not exempt from leaving guys hang. Always consider a tree is known by its fruit it bears. Many use this site to scam people. They may read blogs and forums and study how certain people think. They can use your own thoughts against you if you are not careful.

They can contact you out of the blue for no particular reason from your point of view when they find you are getting excited about the attention they give you don't be too fooled as they may be phishing. Once they get enough info they never contact again.

Anyone asks about your story beyond your profile that may seem harmless at first just don't volunteer too much info. It does not matter how pretty or handsome they may look as you don't know their intention. If they leave and their profile is eventually deleted they were probably phishing.

Always consider your investment here. You get what you pay for. Since there is no real investment aside writing up a lame profile nobody here is going to put much effort in finding anyone. If you find someone suitable great if you don't,you lost nothing as you invested nothing. The old saying life and love is like a sewer you get out of it what you put into it still applies.
I would not take anyone serious until we talked for over a year and unless it was actually a country i wanted to go to, i would not go meet them first. A sad experience though, to not even be told they will not talk to you again, or why.
Where are those "lots of others" you were talking about, Track16? LOL
Well there’s Track and me! That’s a start....lol grin
Geline_13: This extremely undesirable world!

teddybear frustrated frustrated
Yes, lots but million miles away...lol

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