lately I have been getting a lot of views and likes from deleted or hidden profiles. Never have I had this in the last 5 years I have been here.

Has anyone have this happen to them.

I have had three just today, what is up with this.

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No, not me !
Everyone knows I am complete Bah Hum-bugger and leaves me alone for the most part wave

Say it with me

"BAH" mumbling
Yes, Wen...

I do get that from time to time...it's when members view you or send you a message then hide their profile before logging off or if they are scammers , they probably got deleted.

I do the same sometimes, I reply some mails then hide my profile before logging off, when they reply I'm no longer here and can't receive their mail.
Hey there Wen,

I don't get that many likes, but yes, I've had that happen to me. When I get a LIKE from a lady every so many moons, I go to see who she is and 'poof' her profile is hidden or deleted. I tell ya, I just can't lose for winning.. or something like that.

I hope you have better luck with the next ladies that post a LIKE for you or write to you. cheers

it may be time for me to re-open the "Nobody Loves Me Club" .. and maybe a number of us around here can join or re-join in. grin
Non, BAH rolling on the floor laughing
CH hug use to never get many but now just annoying to receive.
Rob wave Yes I love the motion to reopen club, can I be on the board of directors yay
arec just checking you out think your a new fella I d not be bothered
JJ thumbs up
No I haven't thus far.
Hi Ccincy wave so glad to see you here hope everything is going well with you my dear friend hug
Hi wave Just doing some recovering and some physical therapy.hug
ok Cc, my prayers always with you angel
Thank You wen.wave hug
"I Get The Same Thing Every Day Wenny"

"It Might Be The System...Why?"

"Because..... Ive Noticed..That When I Log Out?"

"It Takes About 3 Minutes For The Online Light"

"To Go Off"

(It Used To Show Offline...Right Away"..................detective
Nam,. Could be the system i know it never was like this before but now almost every day and like today got three.
"Wen It Happens"

"Or.... Wen...Ever It Happens"

"Just Erase Them Wenny"...rolling on the floor laughing ................detective
Nam. laugh yes i got it

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