What is going on? Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the world

Many fires have been started by people throwing cigarette buds out the car windows.
Some delibratly set.
So much of North California is destroyed the Nappa valley is gone and with it and whole wine industry..
So many homes and bussiness are lost.
Work for many is no more.
So many animals are dead so many dogs and cats are in shelters as their owners don't have a home anymore.


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wave British, sorry but i haven't a clue what you're on about dunno
Ms jenny, there's two possibilities: 1) ISIS had previously instructed 'lone wolves' to start random fires 2) God is really upset with Californians for obvious reasons. One of the last reasons is the new California Law signed by Jerry Brown lowering the classification of a person who knowingly has HIV and doesn't tell the partner from a felony to a mere misdemeanor. Another would be classifying the entire state of California a 'sanctuary state'......that could of done it....
Hey Mr Worthy, concerning God.... you might be right, I have the picture that proves he could be roll eyes angel
Ichy I would like to know what is going on about fires.
Never before have I seen so many fires.
Now in Alberta Canada there are wildfires that are out of control. This is prairy country.
Farm country where we get some of our food from............

wave wave wave
This year’s wildfire season is off to a blazing start. The United States had an early start to the season, with more than 29,000 wildfires burning more than 2.6 million acres of land. The driest season in 14 years has left the southern Amazon primed for heavy wildfire activity as well. The expected wildfire surge in the Amazon this summer is the result of El Niño, a warming of waters in the Pacific Ocean that had major impacts on weather across the United States the first half of 2016. While El Niño has officially ended, we’re still feeling effects through increased wildfire activity. In some parts of the U.S., the fire season is now on average 78 days longer than it was in 1970, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. NASA scientists are able to monitor these wildfires better than ever before, providing valuable information that fire managers can use to prepare the public. Using data collected by satellites, planes and on the ground, NASA is tracking wildfires around the world and keeping an eye on the hot, dry conditions that contribute to larger fires
Credits: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Sophia Roberts
Seaworthy I am no longer surprised about anything.
You could be right, as I have never seen this many fires in so many places .

wave wave wave
Very sad to hear about the fires in America.

Although you'll hear a lot of people who want to blame one thing, such as climate change, there are a number of factors. Fuel load and alterations to land management practices, people wanting to live in an urban/rural interface area, poor infrastructure and planning, invasive species, and natural/man made variations in climate... To name a few.
Are you okay there in these Alberta wild fires?
How far is the fire away from you?
Please let us know okay?

wave wave wave Jenny
Hi Pat the fires are not only in the US.
Some started because they were going to becareful when they had to have
their barbeque when camping.
Just can't have a hot dog with out it can we?
Warning don't affect certain people nor the ones either who we see with a sigarette holding it out
of the window.
Thus starting another grass fire...
And yes Pat chosing to live close around forest is not too smart either.

wave wave wave
Northern California Fires Have
Destroyed at Least 5,700 Buildings
OCT. 14, 2017
SANTA ROSA, Calif. — State officials announced Friday that the wildfires across Northern California have destroyed at least 5,700 buildings. An analysis by The New York Times using satellite images in combination with its own ground surveys found that one fire in particular incinerated at least 5,100 structures, which would make it the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history.

The inferno, known as the Tubbs fire, began Sunday, Oct. 8, and, as of Friday morning, was not expected to be fully contained until next Friday, Oct. 20. The homes and structures that it destroyed are shown in red in the map below.

Whole neighbour hoods are totally gone. It looks like a war zone
Trailer parks all gone. So often the poor are victims so sad as they already don't have much
Many wineries, all gone

crying crying crying
I need to keep more in tuned with the world news British, sounds scary .. you and others keep safe hug

My nephew recently moved to Canada so far to date, has not mentioned anything about any fires confused
A state of emergency has been declared in Portugal north of the Tagus river - about half of the country's land area. More than 6,000 firefighters in 1,800 vehicles were deployed by early Monday morning.
As a result of the fires, at least a dozen roads were closed, as well as schools in some places.
The Portuguese deaths were in the Coimbra, Guarda, Castelo Branca and Viseu areas.
"We went through absolute hell. It was horrible. There was fire everywhere," a resident of Penacova, near Coimbra, was quoted as telling Portuguese RTP radio and TV.
Fabio Ventura, who lives in Marinha Grande, in Leria district, told the BBC that some of his friends in villages in the nearby forest had lost their homes.
"Currently, we don't have water in our homes because the pipes were damaged by the fire. We are avoiding taking showers to save water. The mobile network is going down several times and there is a huge cloud of smoke and ashes above my city.
"Schools were closed, public services are closed, some roads are also closed. I have friends that lost their homes, but everyone is OK in my area."
Why are Portugal's wildfires so deadly?
Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy travelled to the Pontevedra area of Galicia and met emergency workers on Monday afternoon.
"What we are dealing with here is something that is not caused by accident. It has been provoked," Mr Rajoy said.
"We are here in Pazos de Borden where there has been a big fire which began at 01:30 (22:00 GMT) in the morning at five different points. So as you can see it's impossible for this to be triggered under natural circumstances."
Itchy I go to Googles a lot.
I read about these fires and about North Korea.
The latest about Trump etc etc.

Where does your nephew live in Canada Itchy it it a big country
I am sure he would have told you if he was in danger of any kind............Jenny

what part British, actually... i haven't a clue hole

Too much fake news on the net reasons why i don't look for it there ...
the news says Spain is going to blow, but Spain says different dunno
When I want to know about a certain writer, or animal.
A country, that has my interest, how to make a certain dish, I Google it.
Anything you want to know you can find on Google.

True about fake news Itchy, you have to learn to sift through it somehow.
Pictures smuggled out of N. Korea for instance are not fake.
Someone risked his life getting them out........

wave wave wave
Well I'm glad he does not belong to me otherwise he'd be risking his life in more ways than he thought.
Hello Jenny,wave The fires were 250miles south of where I live. They were prairie grass fires. (spreading fast)
Several smaller communities were evacuated here in Sask. TV showed the fires, rather scary looking,wow
I can t ever remember having prairie grass fires at this time of yr.confused And last night we had wind warnings across the province which made the situation scary. Thanks for the concern,hug hug

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