This Eclipse isn't Entertainment! DREAM of EARLY JUDGEMENT...

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I checked out the channel where she claims her ? Prophecy is just recently happening but knew from ? Day One.
So the other videos are confusing to me.Do you agree the Whore of Babylon is the US not Rome as she states because others you've posted pinpoint ? Other places.( Assyria)?. The eclipse's cross,signs in the Heavens.dunno
yes ash i do believe it is america. who does the world do most trade with.

I"m still factoring in false prophets scenarios and the 1% counting on
projecting fear and anxiety onto the our world.
The biggest contradiction to me is choosing an armed nation.
They are bringing MK to the masses which I don't believe can be done.
They've tried with every generation and haven't succeeded doing any
thing but ruining lands and being more transparent,especially to the
Boomer generation.
Only certain types and red flag events are prone to follow the false prophets... there areso many "woke"
and without the Spirit of discernment.They'll need media a while longer.
Sorry I wrote so messy.Swollen fingers this morning,the heavy rains and cold.
Those who can discern are "woke" and not afraid or anxious.They are preppers
of a sort and the World can be shown any false flags,false prophets,false one world
Love and we will still rise up.We are waiting to meet our Maker.But won't
shirk our purpose of living.Each person does not know when their time will
come.Each will praise the day the Lord has made.We love to speculate but it
doesn't divide us or divert our hearts.hug
Babylon doesn't become great again.
I hope I can ask you for assistance.There is a Michigan Pastor on YouTube who says that women and children are going missing daily.Attempted abductions at family shopping centers: Target/Fred Meyer,etc. That even an unmarked school bus has been described in some attempts.One,hopefully,rare
description was of a foreign(?)man.Please help me discern if this news is shareable.
If the videos are legit.Thank you.
The others were about Putin's concern publically expressed about a hybrid cyber military.
A policeman on YouTube posted concern about open civil disobedience and publicly
Fundraising to shoot any first responders,and create chaos and inefficiency
of public control.In order to remain armed and lawless.California's sovereignty?
Referenced Nevada,as many news reports have been washed from internet.
Including a shooting hours later in the lobby of the Bellagio.
Thank you.I remain prayerful and vigilant.


would this be what you are talking about.
Gosh that was fast.Thank you,I don't imagine it was a hoax but I wanted your opinion first.sad flower
this is the first time I have seen this happening . no news here of it.I will keep my ears open when listening to the news.
and who the frell is she???

did you know total solar eclipses are a almost a yearly thing??

At least you have one year to make the next worst case video...

Why is there a solar eclips planned 2 july 2019 if the end of the world is happening last month?

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