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Why do I live? Why do I work? Why do I hurt inside? The answer to all these questions can be summerized like this: The need/desire for companionship.

Everything in a man's life revolves around the need to impress and lure, for the lack of a better word, a woman. Without them we tell ourselves we are undefined and incomplete with meaningless lives. If we happen to be unfortunate enough to live without a woman in our lives, we are sometimes bitter and resentful. Not realizing that our health could very well be deteriorating as a result of the lonely lives we live. Everything we do is either a direct or indirect result of one goal. To have and hold the woman of our dreams. Where is she, how long will it be before I am prepared for her. Would a woman be attracted to me right now if she knew the state of affairs my financial situation is in as a result of the economy and maybe a few buisness deals gone bad? Will I ever be the man I think that the woman of my dreams deserves? I'm not getting any younger but I keep trying to regain my youth. Will tomorrow be the day, or will I eventually pass and fade away never really ever knowing her? It is not by choice but I am living the only hand I have delt to me the best I can.
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You are wondering the same thing most of are, when will I meet someone. Things happen for reasons that cannot be explained. frustrated All anyone can do is to hang in there as we wait for our turn to come. Ya it hurts, but in the end we will be rewarded. hug
Well put, man. Seems to me that unfortunately the best women are just the imaginary ones.

Perhaps one day, we will become wise enough to transcend this longing for that "woman of our dreams". Until then, we have no choice but to wrestle with our romantic illusions/frustrations, and with that disquiting thought about all our love that is going to waste!

I wish that I could see the end of this lonely tunnel, but as the years wear on I just can't more than ever! True love is that one thing that I cannot find and achieve, the solution to all my troubles.
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