I love to get a message from you first thing in the morning. It makes my whole day a lot better

I love your fake picture. it gives me hope that I myself can look different

I love the fake location you give as your home. It gives me hope that I can leave the country at anytime I wish

I love when you tell your wrong age. I am glad I can be younger tomorrow if I wish

I love when you ask for money. it makes me feel as if I got some

I love that you are single and have no kids. I would hate to be tied up with a married woman with a lot of kids

I love that you are ready to relocate. you are always welcome at my home


Now tell me how much you love them, I know we all do rolling on the floor laughing

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In addition, all of them are widowed, retired and were working in engineering. roll eyes
Masha wave engineering have not seen that one yet, might fall for that laugh
Morning,wave I love the ones which are highly educated, and earn more money than I do, then I could ask them for money,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing , Yeah right,
And I can t forget about the ones who claim to be non drinkers, and their pics show them holding a beer,doh
I may be crazy, not stupid,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
1to1to1, Hello my friend wave yes the one with high education and real good jobs has always got me.

I also love it when they are a beautiful model and need a dating site laugh
I like the ones that tell what they are looking for......Mr. Perfect.rolling on the floor laughing
Jim my dear brother wave yes that always gets to me, maybe we are doing this wrong laugh
I didn't realise there were so many generals in America rolling on the floor laughing
emmy wave lol, yes just no one knows they are on dating site laugh
I do not think I have been contacted by anyone who was not scamming.So I am stuck writing comments in forums and blogs
Hi Marlin wave I know every time I have been asked how long have I been on this site I tell them for 5 years and all I see is fake and scammers. every now and again I see someone real handshake
I'm having a good laugh at your remarks! yes, I've been scammed so many times now, it's frightening.

The guys are all chatting to me, then after declaring so much love etc. the punch line - THEY ASK FOR MONEY!! all different reasons why they all of a sudden need money from me. Luckily, I'm not falling for any of that.

So sad....

anyway stay safe, I'm just about ready to give up trying to find a decent man.
I have yet to be scammed

Maybe I should just answer back the scammers just once instead of deleting them straight away

Or maybe others should just delete straight away

it's a conundrum
Sapphire, wave no Marianne I would not give up you never know when you might meet the right one, just be careful and I believe you are smart enough not to fall for scams. hug
Hi Molly wave some are annoying but yet I get some entertainment with some rolling on the floor laughing I do feel sorry for those who gets taken by this scum, it could be a very costly lesson.
I know I should be all PC and say I feel sorry for them too

But the truth is, nobody can scam you unless you allow yourself to be scammed

If you send money to a stranger, or give a stranger your bank account details, then you are an active participant in your own scamming dunno
Molly, that is very true and people do walk right into it. people that are new on internet are at great risk, it could be that they need time to figure out how to see scams, don't know that for fact but just a idea why cheers
Hi wen Funny I've never received any scam mails.
"If The Message Starts Out"

"With The Word.."Am"

"Then You Know"

"The Africans Have Awakened....................................detective
Hi Cc wave I always love to see you here.

you lucky you never have. hug
Nam, rolling on the floor laughing there use to be a big article on the homepage here about warnings about scammers, I do not see it now and it was real interesting.
Yep the one i get regulary AGE IS OKAY WITH ME AND DISTANCE doh they think i am too old to see through them.

Redex wave how are you hope everything is ok with you hug

yes every time I tell them my age 63 and they are so much younger they always say age is just a number.

I have always been confused as to why a young woman would want a older man if it was not out for money. that is why I love them so much they make me believe I got money laugh
I think my next answers will be I HAVE JUST WON THE LOTTERY rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Thanks yes i have just come back from visiting my son on holiday in Scotland, had a wonder time cheering cheering
Redex yes if I was to say that I am afraid it would get out and I would be seeing more friends and family that I never knew laugh

Glad you had a great time with son. hug

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