Fight attendant in Sidney dealt with a difficult passenger, true story.............

A passenger became very irate as he felt he had to wait too long to get attention from the flight attendant.
She told him nicely that he had to wait his turn.
This angered him even more and shouted at her; "Don't you know who I am?
Not missing a beat the flight attendant grabbed the microphone and said; "People we have a problem, we have here a gentleman who does not know who he is, if anyone recognize him please come forward"
This "gentleman" now lost it totally and screamed; "f*ck you" to which the fligh attendant smiled and told him; "Sir for that you have to get in line also"

wave wave wave Enjoy your next flight rolling on the floor laughing

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It is difficult to work as a flight attendant. She has a lot to deal with. When you have so many people at the airport and everybody wants to get their first, it is impossible to accommodate these people. I enjoyed reading this story
because it shows the proper way to handle a situation and the flight attendant did not lower herself to the impatient selfish arrogant passenger's standards. I applaud the flight attendants way of handling this situation.
Hello ironman, I totally agree with you the flight attendant handled it perfectly.
I have also read enough about their job that it is indeed not an easy one

very nice .....
Hello BC,hug Like your story. When I was working , I dealt with people of varying occupations and tempermantsdoh and realized people skills are an art in itself. Love the way the flight attendant handled the irate passenger.
Really, that's true? That's so cool! She's very quick-witted. No better way to handle such a situation. Awesome!applause on the floor laughing
Hello good people, I know for sure that I could not have handled it as well as this flight attendant.
kuddo's to her wave wave wave

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