I was in Church yesterday and my pastor said something that I have never thought about or heard before, the only commandment he gave Adam was do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. even though Eve was not there at the commandment she knew. Eve was tempted but Adam fell willingly but the point was that they only had one commandment that God had told them not to do.

We now have ten commandments.

Does this say a lot about men and women

He only asked Adam just don't do this one thing

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doh a lot more bad things around these days as we evolve grin all man madegrin
Redex wave what up girl laugh

good point thumbs up
Mimi lol rolling on the floor laughing

I bet Adam would have fell if you offered one of your cupcakes devil
boy made then laugh laugh
somewhere this is true.
the more knowledge you gain, the less space there is for god.
Bad people need more rules whether bad means irresponsible, stupid, selfish or evil. Good people need almost no rules.
If you are given just one commandment, but it is impossible to keep - e.g. put 2 attractive people naked in a beautiful garden, give them s*xual organs and desires. and then expect them not to have sex , is a little disingenuous to say the least.

Rules and commandments should be limited to not hurting other people in your desire for self-fulfillment
...there is an exception to any rule, I`ve heard....

cool wine
Len, good point handshake
Chesney we all need rules I think

thank you for your comment cheers
Molly, interesting. but God did say go and multiply

Thank you hug
Viking I have always heard rules are to be changed not broken

Thank you for your comment cheers
Yeah, he did say go multiply, but then punished them when they went about multiplying laugh
Nowadays, Adam and Steve get their organic apples from the supermarket, on their way back from the poodle-grooming salon.
This is one of the funniest but descriptive movie about all this. (Molly please sing along)

Molly lol You seen what happen, one good kid, one bad kid. doh
Pat rolling on the floor laughing

good one
Map rolling on the floor laughing

that is funny, real funny laugh

thanks for sharing cheers
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