Have you ever been told this ? I haven't as a child punishment was at hand and not forgotten. My father died when I was 12 and I can remember to this day when I was spanked by him. We use to go hunting all the time and he was a great hunter, but I think he got me and hunting a little confused when he would spank me. I can see him now.

He would seek me out, and get me in his sight and set his scope so it would be a direct hit and then fire. yes he never missed his target. I have said many times in life that I remember my dads punishment but have always jokenly said my Mother beat me every day laugh just kidding about that.

I said all of this to say,,,What went wrong....Is this the day in time that now we are not punished, but sent to our room to think about what we did wrong.

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Do you think a fully-grown adult inflicting physical punishment on a small child is better than say, denying them usage of their phone/game/TV or not being allowed outside to play with their friends?
I don't think a spanking is abuse if that is what you are saying, does taking electronics work
My father passed on when I had just turned 9 years old but he never spanked me or my older siblings.

My late husband and I never spanked our son either.We had what we called leverage such as taking away privileges such as riding his bike,etc.

I've heard parents use the words such as "This is going to hurt me worse than you" but they weren't the ones being hit.
Hi Cc wave my parents never said it would hurt them more than me laugh

I am 63 and I guess old school. I work one day and it is in retail and I see the kids today and how they act as if no discipline.
Hi wen I'm 69 and worked in all kinds of occupations in order to support myself.

I'm old school too and I know to where you speak of how undisciplined some kids are.
when I was young to get a spanking was normal,, now it seems as if you got some kind of mental disorder if you spank your child.

Gee, I don't have the answer
Hello Wen,wave When I was young, I never got a spanking. My father , a construction worker, ( a very powerful man) would do a lot of threatening. And after seeing some of his feats of strength ,he would do, the thought of getting spanked was scary enough.
Hi 1 wave that's interesting and you say It worked, that's good. I do remember spanking my kids when they was young but at a age that stopped, and I do remember giving them that look. uh oh
But do spankings really work?dunno
Cc,, I really don't know what works anymore, or did anything works.

I remember my pastor saying once...you teach your kids to do right, to do wrong is already in them...laugh
Hello CC,hug As a single person, I ve noticed people who give their kids spankings, which is pretty much a swat or two on the butt, have politer, kids, who aren t lazy. And these kids don t have to be told ,countless times, to do something. In my opinion, the kids I ve seen, who have some rules, and boundries , in their life turn out to be better kids.
1to 1 and I've also seen some kids who had never been spanked turn out to be not lazy and responsible adults.

Pardon the pun but I suppose it would be considered different strokes for different folks.grin
@ 1to1to1 thumbs up I think so too
Hello CC, I agree with you there. I ,myself do believe kids, should have some rules, and boundries, which doesn t have to be spankings. I m somewhat spoilt with my opinion about kids, two of the neighbors grandchildren visit me. The politest, well mannered kids I know, Good kids. The type you enjoy seeing. They never get spankings, just a strict talking too, and a lot of threats,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Being sent to one's room is not always a negative experience...as Leonardo Da Vincy said:" Small rooms or dwellings set the mind in the right path, large rooms cause it to go astray.." (meaning it causes the imagination to grow and imagination sets one free of all walls. Childhood demands imagination to live and not simply exist.
Kattie, thanks for the comment and I like what Da Vincy said. I believe it is very true that the imagination is so important to live and grow in live. but to sit in a room and think about what I did wrong, would that justify the wrong I know a lot of this would be what the wrong was but just saying.

thanks for comment
If my sons when young went to touch a fire when told NO then they would get a smack. Saved a burning never to be repeated. Phones and things were not around as punishment to stop.grin

I personnely think and did smack my sons for seriouse stuff, but like you wen stopped at a certain age when full understanding was with them.

Pocket money was stopped but not the jobs they had to do to even get that.

I remember one of my sons wanted long hair roll eyes i reluctantly told him yes but any misdomeanours i would cut it off laugh laugh surprise surprise he was good just until the fashion ran outlaugh laugh

Todays children (some--most) just seem even when very small just bad truly bad. Not chlds fault but parents. Maybe parents think talking to a 2 year old not to do something that is dangerouse worksroll eyes roll eyes
Maybe todays parents have not the time nor energy to correct kids, just buy expensive stuff hopping that will make them good kids. No time to sit and talkdunno

I am just glad my lads are men and shame i know but keep away from kids altogether if i can help
Hi Redex hug love it all you just wrote, am thinking about your son he is very smart he stayed good till fashion ran out laugh

the end of your comment reminds me of what one of our first lady's said.....when I have a headacke I do as the label says on medicine bottle,,,,take two tablets and keep away from kids.....rolling on the floor laughing
Wen that son still has long hair no wow in a pony tail when he climbs, or at work roll eyes I did get to cut it oncegrin He must just like long hair I like mine short laugh laugh laugh
Redex lol when I was in my younger days I had long hair also you know the fad. my wife at the time had long beautiful black hair it even just shined, but one day she came home and it was cut short...I mean short... I about fell out could not believe she would do such a thing. short hair looks great on some women but in her case it did not work for me laugh
Dear Wen,
So glad your punishment is over and for what it is worth you've
" Done time in the slammer". Got CS cred.rolling on the floor laughing

More importantly you have ALL YOUR BLOGS BACK .
Got to say it was either I life changing experience
or turned you into a hardened repeat offender..
time will tell but we don't have call you aka
Timeclock offender #6712397
Dear Wen.

It's so nice to see you back in your old profile.

As for the punishment, I'm ok with that. Discipline as needed for learning. My parents were good disciplinarian but always made it a point for us to learn and bit to do the same mistakes.

It served us good. I applied the same discipline to my children and see them do the same thing.

The most important thing us our responsibility to raise loved and responsible children.

My parents did, we did it to my four children and my grand children are experiencing the same.

Needless to say my children are good and responsible members of our society. hug

I couldn't be more grateful.

Great blog Wen.
Hi Ash. wave yes I was let out on good behavior I think I was in time out. laugh

I hope I am not a repeat offender. handshake
Hi LJ. wave .. when I was young you was disciplined when you did wrong and it wasn't called abuse. Spank your child now and see what happens. handshake

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