Is He A Lemon Or A Classic?

What is a more realistic expectation of dating the guy over 40 years old? He's been around the block... changed a few owners... He's been there... loved, used and abused in no particular order. He now has a new paint job and is back on the market. What exactly is under the hood? Has the years made him a classic or is he just another lemon?

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I don't mind if the guy had been in several marriages/relationships before me as long as he doesn't have too heavy the baggage he's carrying along. Well, if he travels light, I might even help him to unpack! wink grin

P.S You really do have pretty eyes! wow wave
Men over 40 come with a full service history and user manual, woman over 40 come with baggage most of the time.
Map, I just have an overnight bag drinking
Mimi, Im sure you do!hug
I'm pretty much a lemon these days roll eyes
Could be a lemon...just because he is in his 40's, does not make him any less a virgin. I know for a woman, that is virtually unheard of...but for a man...could very well be possible. Men don't have the luxuries a woman has.

Too difficult to generalise, but I think myself I'd be a lot more easygoing with age. Maybe I'd expect less and be pleasantly surprised, rather than investing too much and wigging out when its not to my liking.

Of course, my main problem is I dont like Barney Rubbles, which is about half the women over 40. So, consistently I'm punching way above my weight, but its nice when it works out.

A lot of women are put off when I tell them I wouldnt move in with anybody until at least a year after knowing them. Consequently, I have half a dozen really good female friends that seem a bit jealous of each other, and I never get laid. Well, almost never.
Classic or Lemon?

Reading your post I would never enter a relationship with you.
If you cannot judge by yourself a person, his qualities or flaws, and you try to generalize then you are still a child. An insecure person who does not trust her own judgement.

You put a question, I answered. I am 49 years old. And i am a "Lemon".crying

wine wine wine
Go Mimi!! That's the attitude... hahaha.

I don't think of men as being like cars.

But if we have to use that analogy, no matter what type of condition you get the car in, if you treat it right, believe in it, and service it regularly wink , it will go out of its way to pay back the trust you put in it, and ensure you are never left on the side of the road in the rain.
The main problem with the car analogy, Women aren't going to handle it when you tell them you're getting a mechanic to service it. And nearly as freaked out if you say you do all your own servicing...
I don't mind men servicing their own, as long as they service mine too.
Nah, soon as I clip the air filter in place, I roll over and fall asleep and snore loudly.
I will put a muffler on you at that stage

PS. You service my car before your own, mister
Maybe after a few ball joints.
We all grow through what life throws at us, so you have to find out what he is like now. We all alter you too.

Map i think you are wrong but oh you are one of those :
Alan laugh wave

Molly reunion

I take good care of my car...servicing it regularly wink
Mimi!! reunion

Pat, I hope you intend on sharing those ball joints and not keeping them all to yourself
Yeah sure, if you share your flange gasket with me.
I am a sharing kinda person cool
I think my radiator just boiled over.
It sounds like you definitely need a service
Yeah, the indicators are fine, I'll check the horn.
You check the horn
I'll check the oil levels
Hold still, I'll just screw the sump plug in.
FFS, Why dont you two just get a garage and be done with it, I suggest one with a Hydraulic ramp for easy access to those hard to reach places.
The International Garage in the Sky daydream
Good idea, I was thinking the same thing.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
There's nothing worse than a virtual service mumbling
I think falling into a giant vat full of boiling elephant shit would be worse... Just sayin'...
There's nothing worse than a virtual service

I prefer a more hands-on approach.

I'm late for whiskey and the madness (craic).
Pat, I must admit I hadn't factored that scenario in when I made my last statement

Mea culpa
Yes, PEJ. And probably, the part of him he loves more than life itself has started to shrink, with decreases in T. Not all bad news, esp. if things began large, and it encourages creativity, with other parts of the body. Clued older ladies are hip. aa.

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