A Year After Trump's Win & A Year 'Til Mid Terms

Why Hillary Lost & Why Dems Will Be Beat Like Rented Mules Next Year...


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Beat like " rented miles" ..you running drugs.
What does that even mean...help
* mules confused
Gees Miclee... nevermind the mule thing...rolling on the floor laughing F Bomb Alert.doh
Mic said: Why Hillary Lost & Why Dems Will Be Beat Like Rented Mules Next Year...

Ive had a coffee so permit me!, He means that the Democrats will lose and feel like they have been whipped like poor mules, Donkey whipping is rife during the midterms.professor
It means one will mercilessly work & beat hell out of mule one doesn't own nor care about.

In this instance, a Democrat Donkey might be more appropriate.

sad flower

How appropo.laugh
Draft animal analogies and F-bombs aside...
Listen to what he's saying!

If the best the Dems have a year from now is...
'We hunt Russian witches!'
'No skeleton left uncloseted!'

And cannot float an idea - any idea - they'll do poorly at the polls.

Hurling allegations of a list of 'isms' & fabricated 'phobias' and thinking that is somehow an argument clincher was a stupid notion in the first place.
It's now a hackneyed shop worn stupid notion and a proven example of how to get people to NOT come 'round to the hurler's point of view.

I say again - listen to what he's SAYING...between the F-bombs.

Agreed, Patti cheers

The fellow might consider switching to de-caf.

rolling on the floor laughing hug note miclee.
Nighty nite. wave
gnite Patti.....yawn....sleep

And if you don't believe hyper-caffeinated Brit guy...

This from a Murkun Lib'rul icon...

...prior to Trump's win.

Note that he ticks off the 'Blue Firewall' Rust Belt states by name...
Pennsylvania. Ohio. Michigan. Wisconsin.
The heart & guts of the former? Dem base.

He also nailed it.
Trump bowled 'em all over like duckpins.

Hillary lost cause she didn't divorced Billy and his cigarslaugh
and Trump won cause he said he likes to grabbed them all

by their pussies head banger
I got to tell it like it is.

Trump sold us not to satan but to Putin's Russiadevil
You're just not getting it, Dum...ir should I say Tenner?
The mid term elections should be interesting to watch, I think the Dems are still struggling to find a platform to stand on.
They're lost Wen.

But they won't STOP to destroy America. frustrated
'Dems still struggling to find a platform...'

Right you are, Wen cheers
Their 'Russians Are Coming! Impeach Trump!' tactic is overworked & tedious...blah blah...yawn
That's 'bout the ONLY idea they're trying to float.
They're just 'bout bankrupt, idea-wise.
(See YouTube link in the OP roll eyes )

But they have more problems...

By the numbers -
33 Senate seats are up for election.
20 something of them must be defended by Dems; 10 something of them must be defended by Repubs.
With fewer seats to defend, the Repubs can devote more resources to unseating incumbent Dems.

The Dec. 12, '17 Senate election in Alabama is worth watching as a harbinger of things to come in '18.
The mainline Repubs abandoned Roy Moore; Trump stuck with him.
Should Moore prevail, Trump will have proved himself a formidable campaigner for his party's candidates.

Long story short...
Going into '18 - Dems have problems like an onion has layers.
sad flower

Hi Mic wave Very very true thumbs up
Roy Moore has been defeated in the Alabama Senate Race.

The Don played the election well.
By cautiously backing Moore, he didn't burn much political capital.

Doug Jones is the first Democrat to win an Alabama Senate seat in a quarter century.

An omen for the '18 mid-terms? dunno

Hillary do not have money like Trump, that is the reason she lost .

Moore is not a man Republicans want...Trump was wishful in thinking that it was a one issue state and that the pedophilia aligations would be ignored...abortion being on the many minds of Alabamians...he failed...but it works out for the future election for Repub party...

Future candidates of both parties should be carefully considered...Trump is losing steam...IMHO...but we will see...as America seems confused...wanting a leader who acts above board and is knowledgeable but not a politician...confused


Actually Ann, Hildebeest raised & spent money at a rate Five Times(!) greater than Orange Julius.
She also mustered something like Eight Times(!) the number of people working for her election...the ground game.

By those conventional indicators of campaign success, it should've been a walk over for her.
She still managed to somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Again, the hyper-caffeinated lib in the OP vid provides an insightful critique of lib weaknesses.

Gotta get past the F-bombs though...
#@×$!&*# blah blah

wave Lou - It's been awhile!

Moore is a real piece of work, eh?
The guy seemed to base his campaign on trying to shoot himself in the foot.
He pulled & brandished his piece at one of his rallies.

You raise an interesting point, Lou...Abortion.
It's a confounding & baffling issue in Deep South politics.
That region is like the very buckle of the Bible Belt.
Anti-abortion should a slam dunk. Right?

A few years ago, a very restrictive anti-abortion measure was put to Colorado voters as a referendum.
It was shot down.
Proponents assumed it was due to Colorado Lefties.
A short while later, a nearly identical measure was put to voters in Mississippi.
Proponents were certain the referendum would carry overwhelmingly. It's the buckle of the Bible Belt...right?
It was NOT shot down. No. scold
It was shot down IN FLAMES!! devil

confused pointing Baffled pro-lifers.

I expected it to pass easily in Mississippi.
I was as wrong as everyone else.


What they say in their congregations may be one thing.
But...Alone in a voting booth...
daydream 'If'n mah li'l Cindy Lou was ever vi'lated by a nigra...this here law wouldn't let me make things right fer her?! That's a crazy law!!'
(I assume there were other similarly based lines of reasoning; I'll leave it to y'all's imaginations. You get the idea.)

Can I prove that?
Would anyone ever admit to it?
Not hardly.
But that's the gist of it.
And at some level we (and they) damned well know it.

Judge Roy Bean...er...I mean Moore, of course wink flashing his piece...

Also his campaign flauntinting mainline Repubs - as mentioned by Lou wine

And...Team Trump positioning itself in a manner that might've gotten them the most political gain at the risk of minimal political capital - as mentioned by me grin

Next question.

As soon as I heard Al Franken's 'I'll resign in a few weeks' speech, I figured that whole thing was a put up job...to justify an immediate ethics investigation of Bean...er...Moore wink should he have prevailed.
The reasoning being, 'Franken did the right thing...we're not pickin' on ol' Beano!'


Beano did NOT prevail.
I'm betting that following Beano's defeat, Sen. Franken will be 'persuaded' roll eyes to reconsider his resignation & retain his Senate seat...
After doing all the appropriate soul searching & atoning apologies, of course roll eyes

Any takers?

Hi Mic, I believe Trump waited to see if Moore would drop out of the race before he put his support to him, then he wanted to support him to keep the republican seat in the Senate, now Trump is tweeting he knew he would loose.

Hillary did have a lot more support in the field, the problem I see was she was going after popular votes when Trumps team was after electoral votes.
doubt that Hillary went after the "Popular Vote"!
Popular Vote in a presidental Election is about as useful as Teats on a Boar!
Only thing that counts are the Electoral Votes,and if Hillary didn't know that,she had no business to stand for POTUS!
Hi Conrad wave Yes she new about electoral votes, Maybe she took her eye off the prize, she did have the ground support and thought she had this one in the bag dunno
Hey string, could you please stop putting pics of that fat pig Hannity up? I get an upset stomach just looking at him.
It's polarizing people like him and Rush Limberger before him that are tearing this country apart.
Thank youhandshake
That's the truest statement about our political system C.
Imagine insisting on a popular vote when it doesn't matter because electoral is what counts.
Hi LJ wave how would you like it, popular or electoral vote to elect our president ?
Yes Wen.
She was counting electoral votes.
And yes, she thought she had it in the bag.

Specifically, she KNEW she could rely on the Democrat Blue Wall...

...So much so that she never visited Wisconsin after the primary (which she lost to Brenie, BTW).

As noted in the vid, she also took the Latino vote for granted; The Don surprised her by getting about 1/3 of it.
They might've known what they were doing; Latino unemployment is now at it's lowest point...ever.

Florida blacks didn't support her in the number which they did Obama.

By some accounts, when Florida went for The Don, Dem political sages (notably Bill Clinton & Obama) knew from internal Dem polling that she'd lost it.
By those same accounts, Obama called her shortly after she lost Florida to tell her it was essentially over.

Back to that Blue Wall.
That's the heart & guts of the Dem base.
The Dems walked away from their own base; The Don played heavily to it - repeatedly hitting on traditional Dem issues.
The Dems?
AGAIN...I refer y'all to the vid in the OP roll eyes

If the Dems cannot recapture their own heart & guts, they may well cease to be a viable national party for quite some time to come.

Long story short...
The '16 election explained on the back of a tee-shirt...

Obama Called Me Clinger.
Hillary Calls Me Deplorable.
Terrorists Call Me Infidel.

Trump Calls Me American.

kennethteddy: "Bible"(meet us in the quizzes)

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