I like to travel...

A lot of people will tell you ...or point out in their profile that they love to travel - I have to say - what the fook is wrong with you folks -Is it the travel that excites you or visiting new places ,I mean If you dont feel comfortable where you are, relocate ...If you love to drive around or be driven ,taken for a ride ...and pay for it -wake up .at some point you will realise that all you want is to get back home, so why leave in the first place ...

This lesson was pro bono -


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So what are you saying, Dedo?

That I should cancel the ticket I have bought to Serbia? crying
Ded, Reading between the lines on some profiles they say they like to travel and want some poor bloke to pay for cruises and first class flights.

Some are holiday mad and some just mad, most of them are nice and innocent though.
Well, stop reading between the lines so, Map! scold

I like to travel and see new places, but I sure as hell do not expect anybody else to pay for it snooty
Recently I travelled to Manchester. I was quite disappointed how no filthy coal-stained children in rags scurried about the train platform collecting the handful of small change I had thrown out the train window. That film Oliver Twist is bullshit.
Molly this is not considerate as traveling for no reason , fun - more as a matter scientific research
``what can happen when two single persons lock them self in a room and consume a lot of brandy ``
Molly, Im just being a d*ck, all this nice guy stuff is getting on my titshug

Pat, Manchester?, Wrong place, the little beggars are in Newcastle upon Tyne now.
yup ...I just dont know if ,at some point,people will recognize me as the wisest Drunk ,or just a Drunken bullshiter laugh
patrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I'm a "lifer" travelling as often and to as many places as I can. Travel is never having to experience the mundane predictability of normal day to day existence. It stimulates the senses, soul and synapses rewarding me with inspiration, education and a greater understanding or awareness of how my fellow man exists.

I also get to drink beer, swing in lots of hammocks from the mountains of the Himalaya to the beaches of Costa Rica and shag lots.

What's not to like?

Dedo, exchange that brandy for prosecco and,,,,,, cool
Recently I travelled to France, and I have to say I was a little dissapointed. Many people were speaking in some strange language, and clearly they were talking about sex because thats exactly how it sounded. Even respectable-looking ladies seemed to be saying the most debauched things, and laughing about it openly. No way I want innocent children hearing things like that.
travelling is my hobby and I love it. So I travel and then always return back to 'home sweet home' where I live and call home with a very satisfying feeling. And I would always tell myself "oh it is good to come back home and sleep on my bed again"...........Does that mean I feel uncomfortable and relocate? dunno confused cheers hug
Titsy, only if you can bring your comfortable bed with you laugh
TR, this reminded me of your post laugh

That's how the kids are doing the "mile high club" these days. We're in safe hands.
I tell you, if I were up there, it'd be a bathroom I'd need and not a condom help
Everyone needs to wretch new heights of passion.
I'd prefer to do it in a water bed wink
You'll have to aqua-int me.
Subtle use of language there wink
Molly .. long time hey! How have u been?
Wish I could do that..bring it along with me everywhere I travel lolrolling on the floor laughing
I'm doing great, ttisy
Busy but good!

My own bed is something I never miss on holidays. I enjoy the experience of travelling too much to care.

Apart from one time I got bitten by bed bugs/fleas (I didn't ask) in a hostel in South America uh oh laugh
Dedovix, I like to travel! laugh
I must add that to my profile! rolling on the floor laughing
If you just can't see the reason why people travel, perhaps you visited the wrong places. Nothing personal, just a thought...
Hello Dedovix handshake Travel, hmmm, Afew yrs back I worked road construction, surveying, material testing... for 31 yrs. I didn t travel the world, but travelled extensively in my home province, which is a good sized area. I was always on the go, any hour of the day or night, lots of driving, motels, and restuarants ...... It was nothing unusual to spend 150, 200 , even 250 nights a yr in motels across the province,doh The shine and excitement wore off yrs ago.
So you ll understand why the travelling I want to do these days is over to the neighbors for a coffee, out for a meal, or shopping. I ve done enough travelling in my day, and my health is showing it, so maybe it time a part of my world came to see me, instead of me going to see it,yay
You have a Good day there Bud,cheers

Traveling is fun and educational...meeting different folk and learning about cultures...but I do like coming home as well...to recuperate...wine
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