What does anyone really want?
A warm body to sleep with?
An ear to listen to the unlistenable?
Some feedback on decisions, serious
Or does it all boil down to the sticky sexy?

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Sticky sex and pillow talk wrapped in a silk bow wink

Us humans love our silk bows wave
Can we have all of the above, plus lots of laughs and fun, culminating in the sticky sex?
All this would be good! And lots of laughter too! thumbs up yay

Hi free wave

Right now I really want nasi campur, but as it's 4am and I'm not in Indonesia, I guess I'll have to wait.
I need a woman who can fix my fridge and operate a cordless drill. See, I want to put a picture on the wall but I cant work out how to put the thingy in the whatsy, and so I always end up crying my eyes out, talking to fat Sharon on the phone for several hours, then eating a whole packet of chocolate and watching Hugh Grant films.
I've been in the general area when thingies were put into whatsies so I may have picked up so tips along the way.

And my batteries are always charged .
yeah free is about right and a darling would be nice to trust as well
I would say "all the above" when you're young.
Free, sticky sex and then that warm body to sleep with. rolling on the floor laughing Listening can wait till morning.laugh
Free ...?wink wait for his whisper.
rolling on the floor laughing hug

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