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this is why i hate the new york yankees. every year they go out and try to buy the best players. the way baseball works is you groom players in the minor leagues. when they get good enough. you call them to the majors. and there fans don't seem to mind. that the yankees try every year to buy the world series. what happen to sportmrnship. but for all that money you spent last year on players. this year you wont win the world series. you wont get past the angles. to yankees fans you can buy a team. but you cant buy class.
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I agree. However, it is not the fault of the Yankees. They are playing within the rules. Regardless, they serve as an indication of the need for a salary cap in baseball. It is certainly an unfair advantage, even as far down as the minor leagues.
in baseball there are rich teams and poor teams. because will all know a good player is a future Yankee. know matter how much it cost. the money made should be split between every team. that would be more fair.
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