It's me Wenever.

I lost my profile and don't know why, I have never broke any rules that I am aware of. I have a message into the mods wanting a answer for deleting my profile but don't really expect a answer from them.

The comments I had on some blog's before I was deleted are now showing a female pic and showing I live in Canada, I live in Florida USA. laugh

I'm glad to finally be back but I wish I had not lost my old profile, I still want to be. Wenever or Wen.

I have been here for almost six years and have never experienced anything like this

Everyone have a great evening or morning depends on where you live. wave

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Hi Wen, It sounds like someone hacked your CS account, The mods would have told you if you had broken any rules.
You did look like a female Canuck last time you posted alright laugh

I am sure you could have had got some username with Wen in it though dunno
Hi Map. wave I'm waiting for a answer from them but really don't expect a answer from them.

I hate loosing my wenever profile and also lost all my blog's that I posted for almost six years,
Hi Molly. wave when I was creating a new profile for a while every username I entered they would say it already exist. Even with my email they would say it was not a valid email laugh

I have really had a time with all this. confused
Sorry, with what you went through Wen, and you're right, they'll have no time for explanation.

Welcome back.cheers
Aaawww. Gosh it's good to see you're back.applause

Enjoy your weekend! I'm working late.hug talk soon
Nice picture too.::thumbsup:
Hi LJ. wave it's good to be back and I want to thank you for your trying to find out with the mods as to what happened.

You are a dear friend. hug

"One Time...About A Year Ago"

"While My Blog Was Live"

"There Appeared A Womans Picture And Name"

"In Place Of Mine"

"It Lasted For About 5 Hours...And Then Everything"

"Went Back To The Way It Was"

(Im Thinking That Its The Computer Thats The Cause)

"And No..The Mods (Hardly) Tell Anybody If They Get Thrown Off The Blogs"

"They Dont Even Tell You ...When You Can Come Back On"

"You Have To Keep Checking"

"So...Id Say That Your "Wenever Profile?"..Is Gone Into Infinity"

"The Next Best Thing You Can Do Is"

Another Profile...With The Name Of..... "Whenever"...(Adding The "H")

"And Wait.............. Another 7 Days".........................detective
Hi Ash. wave thanks for letting me vent to you on email. frustrated

Yes I thought I would put a more recent pic this time my other one was almost six years ago. laugh
Hi Nam my friend. wave yes don't expect anything from them and yes I think you are right I will never see my old profile back.

I really had a time trying to get new profile, every username I was trying they would say already exist. And even with email they would say a invalid email.

What a Hassel. frustrated
Hi Wenever(aka Timeclock) I have a feeling tat your other profile was hacked into.dunno

That's why I change my password every so often.

Also nice to see you back here.wave hug
Welcome dear Wen.

Let's just hope that it will not happen again. wine
Hi Cc. wave it is always good to see you, I beginning to think you are right I got hacked.

Check your email I sent you a message the other day. hug
@. LJ. I heard that hope it doesn't happen again.

What's sad is I lost almost six years of blog's. frustrated
Timeclock/wenever.I just my mail but didn't see one from you.

I must've not recognized who it was from and deleted it.blues
@ Cc. I was just venting to you about my profile being deleted. laugh

always good to see you, my friend.

I remember, some time back, I had a problem of where when I signed in, I could not see my own profile. I don't know what had happened. The Mods at the time told me it was there, visible, and other people told me they could see it, but I couldn't see it. The Mods said they'd check on it again.

The next time I logged in, I could see my profile.

So, things happen in this electronics/computer age.. and sometimes, who knows why.

Again, good to see you back on the blogs.
timeclock.Ok. It's always good to vent to relieve some stress now and then.

Glad to see you back.
@ Rob,. Yes strange things happen, I have for a little while now getting views and likes from deleted profiles. Don't figure.

Wen applause
Hi Mimi. wave a cupcake will work to. I still laugh out loud when I am in a bakery. laugh hug
Hmm! Is This The Wenever That Wait For Me On His Porch?....conversing
Yes Angel,. I am out here now waiting. moping
Hi Wen. Unfortunately and I tested it not pleasant a situation. But three years at me didn't arise such a problem. World and wellbeing to you.
Ummka,. wave it's good seeing you again it has been a while. Thanks for the comment. hug

Aww! Come Here, Doll......hug
wave ........... Heyyy! Ummka
Wen, I know you'll enjoy 'em wink

'Em cupcakes I mean scold scold scold

laugh wave
Welcome back Wen wave
wave wave hi Wen good to see you are not a ladygrin all this time i thought no no i have been fooled again, roll eyes sure glad to see i was not
OP,you might want to do some serious sweeping of your Computer for assorted Baddies like Keystroke-recorders,diverse Trojans and Rootkits!
Someone might has turned your Computer into a Bot!
Oooppsss! I didn't post the pic with my earlier comment. My bad doh

Mimi wave I am sure I will enjoy them. cupcakes of course laugh
Non wave it's good to be back thank you my friend cheers
Hi Redex wave no I didn't have a sex change laugh they even was showing i lived in Canada when i live in USA. confused

i can't believe it i got a message just now from Mods saying...they will look into reinstating my profile but will take sometime....

so hopefuly i will get it back soon, i hate loosing all my blogs for almost six years. applause
Hi Conrad wave thanks for the advice I need to do something I have Norton security but obviously that's not enough. handshake
wow glad you got e-mail and at least they will try wen.

Me i have been deleting my blogs i have founded it safer to do so. doh people reinstate old blogs and words are thrown back at you. I have been here 9 or so years and of course have changed my mind on so many things the more i learn

Have a good sunday Wen
Redex,,, I understand the changing of mind I have done that myself. I have never put a old blog back up, but I do like to go back and look at them every now and again, I have some good comments from other bloggers and some that have long gone. hug
Yep i agree we have lost some people that were truly good honest folk and good memories are good to have hug
I just got my old profile back applause

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