Just got my old profile back, i am once again Wenever

the Mods answered and fixed, my hat is off to them they did what I asked applause

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Hi Wen,
Well, now you have it all back.applause applause

A clerical error?...

Glad you got your name back...



Don't cause any trouble now...lol...laugh

I am no angel though...spent time in the naughty corner...blushing

applause applause applause good news wen peace
I'm so happy for you Wen.

It means something when they check and fix our issues.

Welcome back Wen.hug
I am glad for you that you could receive the profilehug
Catfoot. wave yes even all my blog's. Am surprised but pleased. cheers
LouLou. wave you in naughty corner. No. laugh I hope this never happens again what a Hassel. frustrated
Redex. Yes good news. Thank you. hug
Ash. grin hug
LJ. wave to be honest I was really surprised to get my old profile. Thanks for bailing me out of CS jail. rolling on the floor laughing
Ummka. wave Thank you and don't be a stranger. hug
So what was the problem. dunno
Hi Non,. They never said. I got the first message this morning saying they would look into getting my old profile back but it could take some time, then about a hour later I got a message saying it was reinstalled and my blog's.

Was really surprised but they got done what I wanted so I am not going to push anything else. laugh
Is that good karma, or good reincarceration to hotel CS.teddybear
Ash. That's funny. laugh I will have to wait to I answer that.confused
Cool Wen,
Glad you are happy wave
It always feels good to have our voice heard and our wish granted. Doesn't it?
Welcome back, Wen.. wine
applause applause applause
Kal. wave yes it is good to be heard. When I wrote them I was not mean in anyway was just asking to explain what happened and was owed a explanation. I was really surprised to hear back from them and even get my old profile back.

It is over now, just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Thanks for your comment. hug
Hi Mimi,. It's time for me and you to celebrate you bring the cupcakes and I bring the milk. Oh yeah and I will bring Wine.

Oh I guess you might want to bring Art also. rolling on the floor laughing
"If Ever You Need"

"To Get Something Done"

"Youre Gonna Need........ Someone...... Who Is Clever"

"And You Should Know..................... Of Course"

"Theres Only One .............To Go To"

"And...Its None Other Than..................." Mr Wenever!!"

("He Got His Profile Back Didnt He")

("Thats A First For Sure!").....................detective
Nam,. You know as we talked about this and me asking advise I really was surprised they came through.

Hope it never happens again to me or anyone else.

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