Thanksgiving day with out a front door

Wednesday night I was over at my mother's house making preparation for Thanksgiving dinner for the following day. All of a sudden there was a loud bang and the door was laying on the floor.

I got so scared cause my mother is 89 years old and was afraid she was going to have a heart attach, then a lot of men and entered the house some wearing jackets and some wearing dress suits. I seen some of the letters on the back of the jackets it was FBI ATF and some more that I couldn't see I think some of them in suits might have been Russian agents.

The man in the FBI jacket handed me a search warrant for a Turkey. I cried out WHAT what are you talking about then he proceeded to tell me that the turkey you have was pardoned by the President.

For you that might not know we have a tradition that the President pardons a Turkey every Thanksgiving but that is a live Turkey. My turkey has been exicuted cleaned and frozen. So I am crying out loud this is not the Turkey I even have a receipt that I. bought it.

They grabbed up the Turkey and then said you can appeal in court if you choose to but many have tried but no one has ever won. Now I know how the President feeds his white house staff with Turkey at Thanksgiving.

After my mother gained her senses she wisperd in my ear hide the Ham the FDA. might want it. I did then start looking around to see if I seen any letters of FDA on the back of jackets.

They took the Turkey and then walked over the door as they left and had the nerve to say Happy Thanksgiving. Now I was lucky to get my profile back from CS but I think I will let keep the Turkey with no appeal.

We still had a great Thanksgiving eating Ham but with out a front door. hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

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"You Didnt Say"

"Whether Your Mother"

"Had A Heart Attack...Or Not".....................detective
Hi Nam,, no she didn't but I was afraid she would. It did take a while for her to get her senses back after she sat in her chair using her oxygen machine. but she was concerned about the Ham
I suppose this Is a bad time for a knock knock joke laugh uh oh
Wen, for real?

No way I'd have them get away with a joke like that.

Anyways, I am glad your mother is fine Wen.hug
Hi Non wave rolling on the floor laughing yes bad timing Insurance said we will pay for door but going to cancel policy, I will let you know when it back up and will want to hear that knock knock joke laugh
Hi LJ wave My Mother is fine and we had a great Thanksgiving. she told me today after what we went through Wed night she knows how we are going to get a Turkey for next year,she is trying to find out how to get jackets with FBI on the back laugh
Ok Wen..

Do the same thing.

Very clever. Be careful Ok? hug
LJ yes she is very clever,, what size jacket do you wear my need you in caper laugh
At least you wont have to strain your eye squinting through the spy-hole laugh
Non, you right about that. I just hope when they reinstall the door it is not a contracted with a government agent, I am afraid they will install door knob the wrong way so they will have easy access to inside of home laugh
Well judging by your thanksgiving night I don't think a door nob will give much security wow
Get a few dogs and a witch to cast a protection spell around your house. laugh
Non, rolling on the floor laughing yes maybe itchy can help but she is a good witch might not be able to do the spell I need. but yes the dogs is a good idea laugh
@ Nam got any advise on how my mother can get a jacket with FBI on back, or maybe you might no a better caper on how to get a Turkey pretending to be with Government. they owe her and she is out for vengeance any help you can provide will be helpful
Hey Wen quite an adventure ...

Happy Thanksgiving. Did you give thanks they didn't find the ham? comfort
Have a great Thanksgiving, Wen.. bouquet
Hi Biff wave oh yes we did and it was very good even though I cooked it cause I am not a good cook laugh

my Mother did not say much about the Turkey when she came to but she did say hide the Ham, I think she might have been took into custody if they tried to take the Ham, then I would have been taking oxygen from machine laugh
Hi Kal wave Thank you after all that happened we still had a very great Thanksgiving even with out the front door hug
"I Spent......... The Two Days Before Thanksgiving"

"Plus Thanksgiving Day"

"In The Cellar..... Trying To Get The Pipe.... That Goes to The Sewer...Un Plugged"

"It Seems...The Young Bachelor...Living Upstairs..Come To Find Out"

"Was Flushing... "Wipes".... And The Damned Cat Litter.... Down The Friggin Toilet!"

"After Unpluggin The First Plug Up"..."There Was Another One Also...Past The Boundaries Of The House Proper

"After Hours... Of Trying To Get The Clean Out Plug Off"

(That Was On There For At Least 50 Years Or So).(.It Finally Came Off)

"Then ...With The Roto Rooter Machine.... That Cost 500 Bucks To Buy"

"Plus.....Fighting..... A "Determined Plug Up".And.....Another 2 Hours Of Roto Rootering"

"The Plug Up Finally..... Made A Gurgling Sound"..."And it All Went Down The Drain"

"What A Wonderful Three Days!"

"Of Not Being Able To Use The Water.... Or....To Use The Bathroom"

"Happy Thanksgiving"....Yeah Sure"..............................detective
Nam sorry your Thanksgiving was not so good, but you can now look forward to a Merry Christmas, cheers
"And An Unplugged Drain!"........................detective

So your full of it?

Glad your pipes are unblocked...Merry

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