Global warming.

It was nice in away to go to bed when a cyclone was hitting us. Listened in absolute darkness, some of the neighbourhood roofs trying to fly off, bellowing winds and the rain. Never felt the need of electricity, if it was restored or not, fell asleep like a rock.

Morning comes. Still raining and no power. I feel like I am back in cold and wintry Malawi. My friends there say, they go for more than 24 hour long load shedding these days. So I count my blessings.

Never felt this cold or had so much rain since I returned here. There must be some truth about global warming, although I read somewhere that Al Gore made billions while fighting to save the earth. It's not my business to bother about his money. He has to live with his conscience.

I am not a person who understands science and all the theories. If we have already experienced an Ice age or two, surely that was not caused by humans, is global warming a natural phenomena?

Or are we really destroying/polluting the earth for it to freeze again?

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Hi Usha,
Personally I think it is as scam to provide a lot of people with an income.

It is true that the planet is warming up by about an half a degree per century but there is no proof that this is caused by humans and after all, we are coming out of an ice age.doh
Stay safe Usha....yeah, I know how it feels....vulnerability. hug
be safe Usha wave
You stay safe too !
Don't get sun burned wave
It is true that the earth has always gone through weather fluctuations

But this one is being at least aided by human intervention.

A lot more people make money out of denying global warming than those who are who are trying to warn against it.

Is it scientists & hippies or oil barons live in the most luxury?
/Global climate change is constant, but for sure pollution levels are human-based, also the more we inflict ourselves upon delicately-balanced eco-systems, the faster we foul up our own future. Most of the richest pushing to be allowed to pollute are old enough to not have to live with the consequences.
I am not so sure we can have a huge influence on the climate but survival is going to become difficult for us if we keep on polluting and destroying nature. Seems like governments think the best solution is to create taxes to fight global warming and polution. Wonder if they are going to blow that money up in the air to protect us from the sun burning us to crisps. Don't see them doing anything positive with the exstra tax.
4MaryB: "Love! "(meet us in the ecards)

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