Black singles only

This group was offered to me on FB today as one I might want to join - not sure why, since I'm a member of another racial group altogether, the much ostracized gingers, we're so discriminated against that half the time we don't even like each other.

However, it made me think that we will only have true equality when a group could be listed for WHITE SINGLES ONLY and not cause such a fuss Facebook would have to ban it.

There was another item on similar lines - a sample of the citizenship test for the UK. I did it, out of interest. I passed, but I'd be really surprised if the average Brit school-leaver could get 100%. So we ask more of people wanting citizenship than we expect of our own citizens. I've added the link in case any Brits on here wanted to try it. There are several versions floating around because of Prince Harry's engagement to a *gasp* foreigner, this one seemed more legit than most.

Imagine a job listed for ONLY MEN NEED APPLY for anything other than sperm donation? That might upset certain people too, even if they didn't want the job themselves.

George Orwell's Animal Farm quote - All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

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"Congratulations – you are safely over the 75% hurdle. You have passed the Britishness test"

Oh dear, my republican ancestors must be turning in their grave laugh
I'm so Irish I got error 404 on that link irish
Oh Molly, I'm so sorry comfort

Just hope Non doesn't shop you to the authorities wow

I squeaked through too, guess that's me never allowed back into South Africa sigh
I was going to do the test, but I'd fail because my teeth aren't rotten and I have a fair sized slug.
Non mumbling

Biff, it would be kinda difficult to not get most if not all right, especially us living so close to the old enemy laugh
Ha! I´ve bought that book 3 times it ..let me have a look ...I´m not a "group" person....any, I´ll be back. drinking
Molly, I got one wrong and I lived there 17 years and had an English-style education blushing

I commented about school leavers because some are apparently a bit dense. Two in five of those questioned think Mars is just a chocolate bar, while a third believe Earth is not an official planet.

One in three primary school pupils believe that Sir Winston Churchill was the first man to walk on the moon.

I saw a website of absolute howlers (well, so long as you forget these kids will be working to pay our pensions), looking for it now.
Pat, slug ownership doesn't preclude citizenship? A tortoise is probably better, but they are getting hard to find

Shock survey recently revealed that English kids have the best teeth in the WORLD. Okay, it was based on how often they go to the dentist so I can see the possibility of a flaw in that statistic.
Cach, book, er - what?

You are welcome to buy any of my books 3 times. daydream
I've had six, count them, SIX, emails from suspect-looking dudes in the past 24 hours. Not one of them a member of my own ethnic group, the Gingers. snooty

Granted, quality gingers are hard to find and rarely single as they are snapped up so quickly, but still. Tut.

Seriously, though, anyone else noticed a sudden rush of new blood in the scammer stakes?
Biff, they are a dime a dozen here

Strangely, since Ed Sheeran became popular, redheads have gained sex appeal generally laugh
I already read one of your books Biff blushing and I like you very much but ....George Orwell ejem cool
Yeah the rangas will come out of the woodwork, now with the royal wedding on the cards. For a short time it will be marginally less shameful to admit being a ranga, give it a week or two, business as usual.
....I love redheads....married one, but now he says his "white lights" are because of me :( yeah ...only because of me scold
Molly, Irish redheads? Are they like Scottish ones - quick-tempered, semi-permanently drunk, belligerent and peeling noses because they will NOT protect their vampire skins in the sun? uh oh
Cach, good girl, only 15 to go grin hug

I got Animal Farm on CD not that long ago, planned to listen to it on a long drive, I couldn't. Started crying when Boxer first started talking because I remembered what happened to him, and ejected the CD. I was tougher as a teen, I think, which is when I first read it. sigh
Not all laugh

My best friend is a redhead.

But dark red rather than ginger red
Pat -

It's that sort of cruel bigotry that will have people like you first against the wall when the ranga revolution finally dawns very mad
No point shooting the messenger hey Biff. I'm just saying what everybody else is thinking. Except I left out the bit about the ranga butler.
Molly, dark reds are only distantly related - they tend to have dark eyebrows and visible eyelashes and we hates them, we does, nearly as much as we hates them as dyes their hair to our glorious strawberry blonde which combined with their own natural colouring makes them evilly beautiful first thing in the morning, without makeup

Evil I calls it, and evil it is.
Pat, that doesn't commute your sentence or fate *stern face*

And I'm not going to ask. snooty
The true ginges here are usually part of the Travelling Community laugh
I heard that most Irish birds have red hair and green eyes. And they talk funny.
Pat, you hadn't heard about the black-haired Irish girls with skin like rose petals and those dazzling Irish blue eyes?

Well no WONDER you simply banter with Molly and haven't already hijacked a plane to scoot over doh
Well, I'm not putting him up while he goes stalking those ones mumbling
rolling on the floor laughing you have a point *high fives*
I was out this evening for drunks with ex-colleagues

I was giggling going home (and not from the alcohol wine ) but because the eldest of them was about 26, and then there was me grin . It was they wanted to meet up with me.

I might grow up and get all old and curmudgeonly some day, but not quite yet cool
Molly, I liked the Freudian slip 'out for drunks' laugh

And yes I love it when I don't get pigeon-holed as older but am treated as a wicked contemporary. heart wings

You'll never be old. You have a young heart hug
Ooops laugh Maybe the alcohol ìs showing after all laugh
Haha good night xx

I didn't expect any comments on this blog at all, just a disapproving silence for being contentious, so thank you for starting the ball rolling.

If there were no contentious blogs, life would be boring

Sleep well hug
Found this quote. Love and leave you with it

"It is observed that the redhaired of both sexes are more libidinous and mischievous than the rest, whom yet they much exceed in strength and activity" — Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels.

You nailed it, Swifty. We are much misunderstood.
Well I cant see a ranga in number 10 Downing street any time soon, that would be a disaster. Too libidinous really.
Blacks have the right to not want to date whites, and they have the right to print black singles, so why are you complaining about blacks wanting what they want! Are you trying to take away black peoples right to not say what they feel or want!
Hi Biff,
I think I have an explanation for the invitation.

Johnny Clegg aka The White Zulu along with a few others have been bestowed with the Title of 'Honarary Zulus". The Xhosas have also extended this honor to a few white men. Though I must admit that, to my knowledge, no white woman has achieved.this elevated status yet. So now I wondered... you know, you may just have squandered the opportunity of hitting gold.professor
grin hug
Hello, Legs!grin
Pat, we're in a world of people who don't realize how important daily sex is. If we ever got into power, we'd be re-writing laws and upsetting (and exhausting) the poor voters. It will never be.
Jamessame, you're a prat

Cat- that's a whole new light on the subject. Thank you!

I'm putting myself into exile anyway so that will fill my time nicely banana
Hello Crazy! chat soon xx
Alex7: "Anytime You Need Me ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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