Black singles only

This group was offered to me on FB today as one I might want to join - not sure why, since I'm a member of another racial group altogether, the much ostracized gingers, we're so discriminated against that half the time we don't even like each other.

However, it made me think that we will only have true equality when a group could be listed for WHITE SINGLES ONLY and not cause such a fuss Facebook would have to ban it.

There was another item on similar lines - a sample of the citizenship test for the UK. I did it, out of interest. I passed, but I'd be really surprised if the average Brit school-leaver could get 100%. So we ask more of people wanting citizenship than we expect of our own citizens. I've added the link in case any Brits on here wanted to try it. There are several versions floating around because of Prince Harry's engagement to a *gasp* foreigner, this one seemed more legit than most.

Imagine a job listed for ONLY MEN NEED APPLY for anything other than sperm donation? That might upset certain people too, even if they didn't want the job themselves.

George Orwell's Animal Farm quote - All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

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Cat, I want to become an honorary Xhosa. ..Make it so professor
Hi Molly,
I'd love to but I do not have the authority. I'm not part of that elite.
I can help,

Under the power vested in me by King Zwelonke Sigcawu from the house of Phalo the 12th King of the Xhosa (AmaXhosa) I hereby appoint Molly as an honorary member of the Xhosa tribe.

(You owe me 3 blankets, one cow and 50kg of maize meal)
"PLAY NOW: Whack a Kenny"(meet us in the games)

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