Strange Sounds Being Heard Around the World?

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I used to have an apt near a railroad station when the train cars started rolling it was horrible metal
scraping then the cars would slam into each other linking up sections with booming that echoed for
a mile, repeatedly.
Marker 15:43 turn down the volume rolling on the floor laughing Stringman.

Or maybe trumpeting of...

I found this could explain the sounds.
That is not teaching the world to sing,in perfect harmony.rolling on the floor laughing
Well, sounded like big rifle fire in the video with the fellow holding binoculars in the mountains...also sounded like son is booms in the first video, and a train squeezing on tracks in another.....FAKE NEWS!!!!
Sonic. ..not son
ashlander it? Covering up other sounds more horrible, more sinister

like Silence.grin
Stuckinarizona do you find this stuff Ash?rolling on the floor laughing
I have analyzed your clip,it has no comparable sound to Stringman's video
AND I think it is your cursor.banana
Where 'ya been Miclee?hug
Sonic booms from a pulse engined jet, pretty much like Micks links
wave Patti!

Just been caught up in IRL stuff.
It's annoying when real life cuts in on one's cyber existence, wouldn't you agree?


How 'bout this thing map...

...the F 84 'Thunderscreech'.

It's said to be the loudest plane ever made.
It featured a supercritical propeller...the blade tips nudging the speed of sound and each blade tip creating its own sonic boom.

BTW - A bit of trivia...What was the 1st man-made device to break the sound barrier?


It's generally accepted that the 1st man-made object to break the sound barrier was a whip.
The crack of a whip is a sonic boom.

Is Trump, making noises to confused the Media and the peoplelaugh
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