Can someone post this beautiful song for me please?

Dedicated to ALL Irish People, wherever they are...

teddybear danceline danceline teddybear

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Ok, here it is.

Ah, it wont work.I think there is a problem with the URL
Thanks Cat, No wonder why I have problems myself. doh
It´s supposed to be the most beautiful version of "Song for Ireland" by Mary Black, live in... somewhere in Ireland???
That link leads nowhere. Locate the song again, copy the link and try again. Your link does not look right at all.
Cachu has just downloaded it somehow.???

Original link isnt working
Thanks Map. How strange because when I click on the link it opens??? confused

Cachu had also managed to download it ...May be from another link.??dunno

Anyway...thanks for your help. teddybear
Hi Daniela wave
Trust on me Daniela... grin


has to be luke Kelly is best version marys just okay
HiYa John...I knew I'd find you here. wave

I don't know all the versions of this song only I like this one.smitten
There you are're a sweet angel.hug

Hi Ali...are you Irish or...have you got some Irish blood?wave
crying So Sad crying

Wheres me spuds and butter moping
What is sad Non?
Many potatoes puffs in your St.Nick's Stockings!
Not sure if she was Irish or what she was puffing.rolling on the floor laughing

So are you going to do something up for all the ugly Irish people?
Pat..they are ALL beautiful to my eyes...YOU included lips teddybear

Tomorrow I might do another for other special bloggers.
Cheers Dani cheers

so what's really behind this blog, an Irish man caught you by the tail or what roll eyes
Eh I thought the song was sad dunno
But if not, sorry wave
Non, most trad songs are sad! laugh
I realise that most Irish songs are sad. I wonder why???

Maybe I should have posted Wisky in the Jar from the Dubliners?banana
It gives us a reason to drink whisky laugh
Any sign of my spuds and butter dunno
Quite a few Itchy...quite a few..laugh

I'm just trying to bring some good vibes here on the blogs.

It's "Pay it Forward" week end.

Non..was the first one for Chuchi..

Then Chuchi posted one for me..

Then Swami posted one for Africa and France..
Because our history is sad, colonisation., emigration, famine, death.

Take your pick.
30 seconds into that video.
wath kind of an accent is that woman trying to do roll eyes laugh
Spuds and butter for an will be on its way with special delivery from Spain to Dublin.
Anything else Sir?kiss
*What hole
Well I'd just like to say to the Irish people- Cheer up, its not so bad really. No point sitting around moping and feeling sorry for yourself.
I realise that Molly. I also love Danny Boy smitten
Pat, we are going to group therapy now

It is cheaper if we all go
Sorry Non...I meant Waterford.comfort
Here's a more upbeat trad song

Sorry, I can't post links properly on this tablet
black pudding would be nice too wink
So I've seemed to notice Dani conversing
whats with all this dedication nonsense ... people running out of things to talk about or what confused dunno
May be we could have some riverdance Molly to cheer them up?
Non, if you're lucky, Pat will offer you some of his salami teddybear
I think Riverdance always ends in a punch up.
Itchy.. I never run out of things to talk about.scold

Don't forget there's a super moon this weekend ...very strong energy.. All the witches are out yay
now that says it all. laugh

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