Can someone post this beautiful song for me please?

Dedicated to ALL Irish People, wherever they are...

teddybear danceline danceline teddybear

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Sorry black pudding in Spain.

What about a seafood paella? And May be some sangria to go with it?
smoker scold

Eh Dani, would you be a luv and delete my last comment hole
Daniela, morcilla is the Spanish equivalent of black pudding
I see Molly...
I wouldn't know as I don't frequent the meat counters.
I'm half-Irish therefore this song is for me too!!

applause applause applause

Thanks, Daniela hug bouquet
Art and MiMi can share some seafood paella with NS!! applause

Is that breakfast. grin
It looks great hug
Hi, daniela;

I just found Mary Black songs from one of our music site, 'Song for Ireland ' and many others of hers. the first time to hear and i like them ... Thanks for this blog! wine hug
Hello Mimi....half Irish? hug

And your Art looks good too. I see he enjoys his paella wink and una paella para ella..wink
Hi July.Welcome to my blog wave I am glad you enjoyed the music. I love Irish music too. applause

Please join the fun dance danceline
Oh Daniela, it's just a silly joke between Molly and I, the thing about MiMi being half-Irish. I can't even remember how it started, can you, Molly? confused

Anyway, we enjoyed the food in Spain. Very very yummy. Art and I have also taken quite a liking to pimientos de padron! applause

Mimi reunion

I think it started because you 'get' our sense of humour properly grin
Molly reunion

What began as a joke might come true coz I'd be MiMi O'Brien by this time next year! smitten
Overall, you will have a more Irish name than most Irish people laugh

My dearMimí red shoes, just for your information:

"Pimientos de Padrón" is one of our contributions to the world, but as most of the things with us: nobodys tells, nobody asks grin life goes on.

Hope they have told you there is a risk with those "pimientos", you can be enjoying them and suddenly find one which no apparently difference to others but could be extraordinarily spicy, terrible! .... much more than any Mexican chili. Be aware of that next time you try grin

I love Pimientos de Padrón very much ...glad you tried in your holidays here.

Non, the potato lady in the video is affected by the
Ashlantis accent that the West Coast women seem
to have acquired from too many pubescent Disney
Princess movies and are afflicted with it in adulthood.

I believe many young mothers have passed it on
their offspring of no specific gender.
I am too polite to use a rolls eyes emoji .

A "why bother" emoji...
It's a whole new language that replaced "valley girl".
"In response to"
nonsmoker•18 hrs ago•Waterford, Ireland

30 seconds into that video.
wath kind of an accent is that woman trying to do
Hola Cachuchi applause

Thanks for the info thumbs up Didn't realise there might be a speed trap there! laugh

Love the tapas in Spain but I have only one complaint....

Why the bread they served is so hard? So hard it is that if I throw it against the wall, it'd leave a dent ?? uh oh
You both are lucky in so many ways Mimí applause
Yes, Tapas is fabulous! ....the best (IMUO) are those served in País Vasco & Galicia, great culinary tradition there, you can eat as if it was a meal.

Never thought about bread before and I´m afraid do not have an aswer but you are right´s hard & dry most of the time good frustrated

Just thought I'd give a big shout out to all the short fat little humpty dumpty-looking people with a head like a dropped pie, from Ireland...
What´s your problem Parsnips? confused

I´d like to know what YOU look like? hmmm
Just being inclusive...

Me? same physique as Borat, same hair as Russel Brand...
With a bald patch at the front? Because that's what you're portraying here with that pic ???
If that floats your boat.
You called for a humpty-dumpty leprechaun? cheering
Whoa... Leprechaun is going a bit far isn't it?...
Apologies if I offended your sensibilities, Pat
I'm ok now, half a box of tissues later.
Danielasigh bouquet
Hiya Crazy lady...are you Irish too? hug bouquet bald patches don't float my boat. But maybe shaved heads do?
Bald patches are a consequence of doing u-turns under the bedsheets. So you might like to have a think about that hey.
Hi . The first c.d of "A woman's Heart" has the effect of lifting the spirit. If you can get your hands on it I think you will enjoy it.
Pat, I will never look at bald patches in the same way again
I saw it said once right here on CS that bald men are soler-powered sex machines

So I put this guy in the sun to charge his batteries, he spent the whole night complaining about his sunburned head what a swizz. sigh
Hi John wave Sorry, I´ve just noticed your comment.
Thanks for sharing and... Merry Xmas and holidays. gift dancingsanta
Hi Girlie wave I never heard of "solar powered" sex machines??? wow Sounds good to me! thumbs up
What is it with Itchywitch????
Did an Irishman burn her tail???? ??
Well...a new Irishman here!
Welcome to the club! teddybear

Itchy doesn't have any problem finding Irishmen as she's surrounded by them.

As for burning her tail well...they're more likely to set fire to her broom.laugh

As for me...I only get to see Irishmen from the distance.sigh

Now Ako...have you got a song for us?
I see you play music?wow
Meant to say..
Thanks for bringing that blog up again as I've met some more lovely Irish people since then.

Some are sending me "likes" and others emails.

Waiting for an invite to Ireland now? heart wings
Ako, unless you want to be swung by your tail, don't ask about my one again snooty

Thank you Dani, you're such a sweet heart bouquet
Since you're talking bout the Irish roll eyes

One of my Irish favourites ....

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