Not My Day

I did not feel well when I woke up this morning; almost as if I had a hangover but I did not use alcohol last night. My Yorkshire baby came around and I went to bed shortly after she left at about 11 PM. I get these pseudo hangovers now and then but luckily they don’t last long; all I needed was a cup of coffee. So I went to my small kitchen.yawn

And that’s when the shìt started – nothing big; just an accumulation of small nuisances. I discovered that I left the milk on the table and it went sour overnight. I’d have to drink black coffee and I don’t like it. My coffee must be like my Yorkshire baby; sweet, white and strong. coffee

I could not find my instant coffee powder. I looked all over without success and in the end I had to settle for sweet, black and strong tea. Ugh!! I’ll drink tea all day long but first thing in the morning I want a cup of coffee or my whole day is an F-up.frustrated

I decided to check out CS before I make breakfast, went to the sitting area, started up my laptop and when I had to type in the password, I could not find the keyboard. I don’t like the laptop’s keyboard and touch pad therefore I use a cordless keyboard and mouse. I looked around and when I did not see it I used the laptop keyboard. I heckled a bit with Daniela and went to make my breakfast. I left it in the pan for too long and the eggs were too hard and the bacon too crispy. Definitely not my day!help

The shower delivered no hot water and when I checked the circuit breaker it was tripped. When I tried to reset it, it tripped again. So there is a problem there; I’ll sort it out later; it cannot be too serious. While getting dressed I found my keyboard in the bedroom. Don’t ask me how it got there. I never walk around with it.confused

I took a walk to the nearby café to buy milk and back home, when I wanted to put it in the fridge, I found my jar of instant coffee powder in the fridge where the milk would normally stand. At least this explained why the milk was left out. At the best of times I’m absent-minded and, instead of the milk, I put the coffee in the fridge.doh

Anyway, except for the hot water cylinder, which I will sort out later, everything is now back to normal. It is solar assisted and I’m not in the mood to get on the roof right now. Let’s hope for no more mishaps today.thumbs up
cats meow cats meow

Enjoy the day and don't let trivial things like this spoil anything.wave

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One or two things like that, I'd go back to bed and try again later.
Hi Pat, believe me, I did consider it at one stage. Only the thought that it might start all aver again moved me to let it play out.sigh
Actually, I think all is not kosher yet. On top of it all I'm not having very good connectivity, I hope that it will improve sometime soon.
Catfoot, you definitely can do with a hug or two!

hug hug

I love the way you described your Yorkshire baby smitten
Thanks Mimi
I can do with it.

Did you get the last comment that I left you on my other blog an half hour ago?
I did and thank you for the reply, Catfoot hug

Never thought you'd find Japanese eyes beautiful.

If I were Art, I'd go for women with big blue or green eyes....they're sooooooooooo gorgeous! You could drown in love love
I think it is because it is not so common; more exotic. Scandinavians probably like them tall dark and handsome while the South Americans probably like blondes. dunno
Good morning Cat/Mimi reunion

Cat, I hope your day will go better than it started.

I would be a bit like Pat, go back to bed and start all over again laugh
Hi Molly,
You had your cuppa yet?

Since I had a cup of Yorkshire coffee, my day is back on track. I want to get on the roof now to see to that HWC, before it gets too warm. I think it is going to be a scorcher. I should really go fishing.
Hi, Cat ;

Interesting to read.

I often forgot coffee and turn to drink soybean milk
Hi July,
I like soy milk in my coffee; also almond milk; it gives it a rich creamy taste. But I don't like it with breakfast cereals so I normally keep full cream milk. I don't like low-fat milk and as long as I don't have cholesterol problems, I'll stick to it.
Ok ok Cat...I'm guilty!
You used your laptop in bed to chat with me and sing me some lullaby before I went to sleep...because I chose to remain silent.

Then you wanted to be the first one to wake me up..remember?wink
Anyway, the Hot Water Cylinder is fixed. It was a small problem. I think the baboon who installed it about seven months ago did a bum job. I should have done it myself. The Neutral (black) wire came loose and dropped onto the live wire and the resultant short circuit fused the two wired together before the circuit breaker could do its job. I'll have hot water in the morning. applause
Yer talking out!laugh

By the way, I never use a laptop in bed. that will be bed-abuse.

A bed is used for only two things. You sleep in or you have sex on it. Of course you should spare your bed the excessive wear and tear by having sex at other places some times. An couch, a table or the floor make good substitute venues. Ah, stay away from automobiles. That is strictly for teenagers.professor
wave It must be some super moon effect wow don't let the bedbugs bite you.
I think you were sleep walking cat ? Laptop keyboard and the braker tripped but you had to go on the roof , lol anyway there is no better way to get the real strength and taste from coffee but black , milk kills it
Hi Hex,
Yes, it must be the moon. I'm not normally like this.liar
Molly reunion
Noooo! I don't like black coffee. I can still handle black tea with a dash of lime or lemon juice but coffee must have milk. Condensed milk or Ideal milk is even better but I only have one cup with it and then I finish the can before I can make more coffee.doh

Long time!

Good to see you back.

My week kicked off with a blue, blue, very blue Monday and hasn't realised it's Tuesday as my day is almost bluer than yesterday. Monday, oh Monday! Please go away... it's Tuesday, dammit!

Scorcher? We haven't had a warm day in ages. It's cold and rainy as we speak.

Not complaining though. My kinda weather purple heart

Hope your day ends well.
You're still here? i thought you were in bed already. Ah... but then your Arty is not around handy, is he?laugh
Hi Diova,
I'm so pleased to see you. I've been back for about two weeks and this is the first time I saw you. I wanted to inquire about you but I can never remember your new handle. The old one is still stuck in my memory. Alzheimer's? laugh

rolling on the floor laughing
En dit is net sodat almal heart beating weer na hul vertalers smitten kan hardloop om uit te vind love wat ek nou in jou ore fluister.smitten
teddybear lips heart wings
Diova!! :reunion;

Love your messy bun look applause
This is no laughing matter. It is serious.grin
Catfoot, It's not even 6am where he's at. Art is 14 hours behind me.

It can be very frustrating at times but all these will end when I join him next year smitten
Keeping a low profile grin

En jy het niks verander nie laugh wine lips
Messy Bun? I like it but she looks as if she lost weight. I wonder who has been keeping her busy.devil
You mean you were here all the time?

heart beating Te oud om te verander.devil Geen hoop vir die vrou wat my vat. heart wings heart beating
Ek hoop dit hou hulle besig.smitten love
Mimi! applause

Thank you hug You look lovely yourself. Must be that thing called... shucks! can't remember what it's called confused laugh
No, Cat. Not really. Popping in now and again.

Moenie verander nie hug

Gotta get back to work wave
Thank you, Diova hug

Hope to see you more on here bouquet

P.S It's chocolate and love grin
No, I won't; I cannot even if I try.

shit, i have hiccups now. My sister left me with cabbage stew for lunch and I ate so much that I'm uncomfortable. I love cabbage stew... providing that there is plenty of beef in there.grin

Enjoy the job.wave
No joke about the hot water, thats for sure. I'm pretty sure you don't need the extra expense of fixing it.
It's already fixed. the one wire on the element came loose and caused a short circuit when it dropped onto the other one. The guy who installed it did not tighten the nut properly. I should have done the job myself in the first place but I don't feel like doing these things anymore. Retirement made me lazy.doh
Hi Catfoot, Glad your day is back in order. I woke up the other morning and my fridge was out, I got one on order and it will be here Thursday.
I have been using a ice chest and having to buy a bag of ice everyday.

Woooo is me. never knew I was such a spoiled man dunno
Hi Wen,
Thanks, my day worked out ok in the end. No further mishaps and I even managed to mow the lawnapplause
Just think how boring life would be for some without these lil mysteries and problems.laugh cheers
That's no maybe, Luke
But did it have to include my morning coffee? There I had to drink tea first thing in the morning like a bloody Englishman.doh

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