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When I was young in my memory, I didn't like to go to shopping alone, or stayed there for a long time just watching around instead of buying, cos the air of the shop often made me sick in head and those dresses or bags or shoes all unintersted me. Even so, I did do that along with my sister several times for killing time. She liked window shopping too too much. uh oh

Now we can buy things online, it's no limited by the area and also a large number of stuffs can be chosen at home. that's one of benifits to me . Every time when I heard the door ring of my home ,when I answered it, and heard the sound "it's express", I just felt --"my lover is coming"! laugh

Few days after ordered online, the stuffs which I wanted was in handy. Now I don't need to go shopping often especially carry back something heavily by myself. Once a time, a guy took a heavy bag (10KG) of cat litter upstairs and asked me what's in it . I giggled and thanks him alot. Thought if I did it myself, that would be a rather hard job for me ... grin

I am waiting for my new stuffs -- that 10kg cat litter (I have 2 cats), Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, someone will carry it up for me again. yay wave

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Hi July,
I never buy anything on-line even though it is so convenient. It is too much fun to go shopping, Yes, I'll check the products and the prices on-line so not to be 'cheated' but the actual shopping I do myself.

I can spend hours at a flea-market and I won't easily walk pass a Chinese shop without going in. We have quite a few of them here. They have some real interesting gadgets.
I am not a lover of shopping either, although I would do it alone if I had to do it at all. I hate shopping with others. I am capable of making my own mind up about what suits me and doesn't, so having someone with me would just be an annoyance rather than anything.
So online shopping is a blessing for me too. I buy about 90% of everything I buy online. I love it!
if ever ytime you order something heavy a guy carry it upstairs , you would not have to connect with anyone on CS ? Maybe i should start ordering only heavy packages .
Perhaps I can find a delivery job somewhere on your island?laugh
Cat i am opening the door and rolling out the red carpet , lets get the ball rolling up the stairs.
Hi, Cat;

Flea-market I like, too. My Dad used to go there before... I also like to see Flower and birds market.

By the way, nowadays,delivery job is hot over here. laugh handshake
Hi, Molly:

Yes, online shopping has no disturbing by others. It's a good way to do. hug
Hi, Annlee:

Haha, just killing time on CS, no big hope. but it's also a good way to practice my English as well.

Its all in fun chick , live , laugh and enjoy .
Hmm, When I have not doing my crochet work, would like to write or read blogs on here...
Found some great deals on some musical related gear not long ago, just waiting for it to come.
Oh. yes, Congratulations! handshake
I hope to find a pretty girl on the internet.
Ok ,then keep your hope . Someone said where there is a will there is a way. laugh

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