I was doing some thinking

...and maybe its time for me to improve my English , however ...I hope that the majority here will understand ...

Yesterday I tried to make a list of all the Women I have slept with -no reason, just for fun...at some point I started thinking
How many of you actually knows the number of people they have slept with or perhaps their names ...Dont get me wrong here, Im not searching for a cheap trill ... Im not judgmental or too nosy for my own good ...I was just wondering . are there more people out there who are ,or have tried to make a list ...laugh

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Hope Sam makes you feel better cool

note: applies to blood donors too rolling on the floor laughing
That type of list could become quite lethal if discovered by your partner or ex.laugh
Hi Dedo,
Good to see ya around.

So you say you were doing some thinking. that must have been a brand new experience. idea

A list you say? that will be a bit difficult at my age; my memory often fails me but if I could give a a short list since 8 AM this morning I'd gladly oblige. The local time now 5:50 PM and I'm prepared to declare under oath that I have slept with nobody since this morning. blushing

Sorry for blushing like that but I'm very old-fashioned about things like this.angel
I've no problem remembering grin

I've a friend though who decided to do it to kill time on the train from Dublin to Cork (3 hours).

Let's just say she didn't notice the journey laugh
I dear you start the ball rolling and I would be second in command, mind you I have to ask permission for the names or name to be revealed or I would be sued my list is not to long seeing that I was married at ( 18 ) and I got divorced at ( 35 ) if I could remember. Then I have to deduct the menopause years . Then my life would be an open book , some would read , some would double checked and some would draw a line . This comment is not to be taken seriously for those members that are sensitive. I meant to say men
hmmm not many of us are ready to admit that they think about ``the list`` or have thought about it ...laugh
Lists are over rated,
I prefer to snip off a lock of their hair for my diary while I watch them sleeping.

uh oh
I've alphabetized them. ..there seemed to be a correlation to several that were my favorites.
Their name was either Martin or Terry. dunno M'be a coincidence I've enjoyed
more than one of these.What's in a name?

So have you ever dated twins simultaneously.

Or slept with 2 women who conveniently had
the same name?

Well..if it's any consolation Dedo...I used to make a list at the end of the year of all the men I had met and had brought me some precious lessons and then burnt it so I could get rid of the old and make room for the new.

They were not men I had slept with! scold
This is my support for you ' learning English" rolling on the floor laughing
Paper dolls, in effigy.wow
Poor Robbie Real.doh
Non, it's creepy that you could even think of that, not to mind doing it uh oh

very mad
I blame the internet Molly.

And Dedo of course,its always his fault innocent
MollyBaby, it's not like he's written names on the codoms in his wallet .rolling on the floor laughing
Dedo 's a quick study.laugh tongue
Clariiicccee!!! (Hey Hannibal).rolling on the floor laughing
Cha-cha...bouquet #SATC
Are you sure about that laugh
I grew up in the 60's/70's, what should I write when I never got round to finding out there names confused
I hear it was notches on the headboard back then was it?
just make a generic List like those two Guys!


Willie Nelson, Julio Iglesias - To All The Girls I've Loved Before
Non, I had some nice cars back then, I wasn't about to ruin them by carving notches in the seats professor laugh
Cars back then obviously didn't have the same safety conscious designers we have today,
Non, just get a tattoo for each one from now on.
Molly I'm terrible at making decisions when it comes to tattoos.
What do you suggest conversing
A tear drop for each one or a dot on the knuckles roll eyes

I know !
Classy Right cool
Tear drops will be all the rage in 2018

However you can't tattoo retrospectively.
It has to be conquests from now on.
Hello Dedovix,wave Good to see you. As for that list, in past I ve given it some thoughtconfused In my younger yrs, I was quite the party animal and because of that, portions of that list I don t want to remember You have a good one Bud

Why cant we all just get along. sigh
Are we fighting? blues
I'm sure I'd be able to make a list if the need arose, but would elect not to.

Who ? You and I or the entire races of Martians and Venusians dunno
The universe is on fire Molly, its the passion of the Big moon wow
Sounds like you have WAY TO MUCH time on your hands if you have time to make that sort of list rolling on the floor laughing
Sounds like you have WAY TO MUCH time on your hands if you have time to make that sort of list rolling on the floor laughing
Non, I'm all for big moon passion wink
wine To Super Passion and super Mooning wine laugh
Non, go out in the street and do a moon and see how you get on cool
No I've never made a list but let's just say more than twenty and less than a hundred laugh

And I don't remember all their names but some were definitely more memorable than others thumbs up
Thank God i wasnt drunk when i created this blog grin
Why, would you have posted the list if you were drunk? laugh
I never even made the list ...

I should have kept notes ...start a diary when i was 14-15...uh oh

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