I was doing some thinking

...and maybe its time for me to improve my English , however ...I hope that the majority here will understand ...

Yesterday I tried to make a list of all the Women I have slept with -no reason, just for fun...at some point I started thinking
How many of you actually knows the number of people they have slept with or perhaps their names ...Dont get me wrong here, Im not searching for a cheap trill ... Im not judgmental or too nosy for my own good ...I was just wondering . are there more people out there who are ,or have tried to make a list ...laugh

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To me, it doesn't matter how many people anybody sleeps with, as long as they act responsibly and don't pretend to the other that it is anything more than what it is.
Someone said to me once: "it doesn´t matter how many before me ....all I want is to be the last" ....já! unable to complete network request to host sigh

Anyway....who is counting/listing? dunno
you were doing some thinking.......that must of fecking hurt.............LOL........
folks, just admit it, you have no clue with how many persons you slept with ...
and i know that its bugging you grin
Speak for yourself, good man snooty

I thought I'd left something on the stove, but it turns out you've been doing some thinking... So I dont need to worry about that burning smell.
Tried to forget one or two but I cant moping
Cach I heard man always wants to be the first woman always wants to be the last handshake
Juneau: "Volcanoes"(meet us in the quizzes)

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