I have to do this. Then *poof*

This is me.

It is so offensive I shall be put in jail anyway, so I shall duck away and hide my profile before I can be jailed.

But - this is me. *hangs head in shame* Some of you have guessed - there are times when I've honestly not been able to stop myself - but I can live with this lie no longer. I am as bad as the guy in this video. I might even be worse.

Please try to understand, this isn't something I want to be, it's just what I am, and I know CS can take a lot in its stride when it comes to human frailty, but not something like this. This is not acceptable in CS world.

For those who can't be arsed to watch videos, it is gratuitously offensive. Poor guy's brother hung himself. His grammar nazi friend can't resist correcting him - "that should be 'hanged'.Only inanimate objects (or dead meat) can be hung, unless you mean hung like a horse, you know, but you probably didn't."

It gets worse.

This is me. I don't like it, but there you go.

Catch you around


I won't block comments, but I don't expect any, you'll all be too disgusted and disappointed in me to comment and the mods should be deleting this pretty soon anyway. Or I will delete it when I get back. If I am ever allowed back. moping

But if you do make comments, make them grammatical. doh See? SEE? Even when I'm going into hiding, I'm evil ...

Comments (13)

Nothing here to delete, no need to hide or is that hidden?hug
I'm nearly afraid to comment.

Or is that almost afraid to comment?

I might/may be hanged/hung.

You'll just have to learn to accept that not everyone can talk proper like what I do professor sigh
Perhaps it's not the grammatically incorrect content of the video but the use of the wood "poof" in the title that will be your downfall sad flower
A wood poof sounds like a gay forest nymph.
Welcome back, by the way OB
Molly in a PC world you cant use wood and poof in the same sentence
I remember when gay used to mean happy and poof meant you vanished into thin air...
Simpler times sigh

Now we have to consult the urban dictionary before saying anything

And I used to love Chocolate Fish

.... and the name is Rako Hardeen....
Some are half literate, some are lazy.
..... but, they, who does not use Punctuation Marks, should be jailed.
There theyre their it will all turn out ok in the end

Your forgetting English changes alot and what you dont like is actually proper English because more people use it that way than people who use it the old way.

I said alot on purpose. grin
Brilliant Ms Biff applause

My wee daughter loved it too thumbs up

Gad, it's still here and got some lovely comments too wave

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