Mixed messages

There’s the touch in the hallway or empty break room. Does he like me? Indications indicate yes. He doesn’t respond to texts. Is he in to me? Indicators indicate no. When he steals a kiss by the loading dock I swoon.

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Some men like playing the chasing game. grin

He's the teaser by the look of it and you're going along with it. Don't text him and be aloof and he'll be more interested.
I agree
I wouldn't have given him that stolen kiss if he didn't respond to texts.
He wants it all without giving anything
I like random acts of lust
Just remember random acts of lust are most likely what he gives other women as well, someone taught me long ago, if a man likes you he finds reasons to be with you, not excuses for staying away
A kiss in the loading sock hey... Is that code?

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