I remember the shock of the dating scene after my marriage of 18 years ended. I had come out of the 60's Hippie Counter Culture! Dating back then was really simple, if you clicked, you got it on! But I had a rude awakening with women in the 90's, many of the women had come out of the 70's Women's Lib thing seeking equality, and rightly so! But like many good things, there are the bad parts. Women turning the tables on men who had used and abused them for so many years. Where to find a decent woman to date almost became non existent!

Today there are few women from the 60's out there. In their place are vindictive conniving cons either looking for a "Sugar Daddy!" or just some poor soul to be relieved of their money! .

In a week I will turn 65 and the past seven years has been some of the darkest years to date. I'm no longer making the good money, own a house because I was forced to retire early on disability! My daughter from my first marriage is grown, married with three boys of their own and the thing I greatly Feared has come upon me,
I'm alone in my senior years and that sucks! Paul David Powers.

PS Ladies to be fair, men aren't all angels neither!


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There are options. Be a good listener
Vindictive Conniving Con ((VCC for short) at your service tip hat
Hey, PDP. We are all flukes, of the Universe. We have no right to be here. And whether we know it or not, the Universe is laughing behind our backs. Sartre think. BTW, TDK was much better than Memorex. Mine will soon be 50, and almost never a drop out or mechanism glitch. Aa-VKH.
Yeah that you can say again. Men aint angels at all, and not all women are gold diggers. One thing I fear is growing old alone
P.D, P
My heart goes out to all breakhps. Both parties get hurt in the most awful ways. Some win, some lose,
When my husband passed in 1987 at an early age, and so was I . I vowed that it will be a special man That steals my heart..NOW THAT is a pipe dream if there was one, Ginsburg darling, I'm sure you will meet Miss Right Good Luck read my profile I'm as humble and caring as all the lbadies on C.S. arelips

confused they had a sound and look that most
Party goers imitate these days ...RETRO rolling on the floor laughing
It is still ...the answer, that we are seeking.

From your side, it is called reminiscing.tongue
Then again as you wrote... It's 420 Somewhere!
In 2 hours time here smoking
I don’t know what to say to you. My story starts almost the same as yours. In 2013 I also retired early because of poor health. All I had to my name was a house, a ten year old boat, a decent car, a wreck of a half ton pickup truck, a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV that I planned to restore and a smallish nest egg.

I was not responding to treatment and I haunted the halls of CS for a lack of much better to do. In tying up my affairs, I sold the house, the boat and the Alfa (not in a great hurry and I got decent prices), invested the proceeds with my nest egg to supplement my pension, and got myself a much smaller place.

And all of a sudden I started responding to the treatment.

I used a portion of my investment to buy a vandalized house for a real bargain, spent a few thousand to get it liveable and sold it making a little profit. Not a fortune, but enough.

I’m alive and healthy. I can honestly say that the last few years were some of the best in my life and I'm certainly not here to find a woman.

My advice to you is to apply what you have to your benefit; make it work for you. With regards to the ladies; get involved with projects in your neighborhood and maybe even do some volunteer work. That is where you will meet the decent women; not in the pubs.
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