there are an awful lot people telling me what to think about this or think about that.
Well I am afraid that you will all just have to let me think about it. cool dancing cool

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Thinking is healthy exercise
Am I sure I want to find out why I can't see their arms.I' m afraid too.

Anyone going to be

Thinking Healthy! Is Better Thinking. Lol
Yes Palm its very healthy,
But its hard work and hardly worth the effort.
That's why we elect idiotic politicians isn't it dunno
Yes ash,
The arms are very important in the video professor
Angel. laugh

I know right wink hug
.....I´m going to think confused about why only one of them is wearing leggings? conversing
hairy legs maybe dunno
I can't look at it without thinking dirty thoughts. Don't know why that is.dunno
Maybe ...dunno

Hohoho Robrt ....that´s because you are still in your blog and you are not Santa rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing
He is brave.head banger he watched.
devil better watch than listen Ash dancingsanta
I'm not Santa? wow

DARN IT! Then why all the accusations against me? Sheesh! I never was inappropriate or disgusting with my flirting and groping. dunno
Done, she is Ida Corr, first figure need wink
Good work-out music, Non wink

And don't over-think that professor
Ash, Rob and Cach.
That's some conversation you three are having. conversing

I can hardly keep up laugh
No I wont overthink that one.

Good forearm workout music, simple as.
Say no more wink
Non, now I am over-thinking daydream
Non -dont think-Drink cheers
Non, these are my new exercise video.

I'm replacing my Tom Petty abd and Bob Seger ones. wave
Thanks for posting. Eric Prydz, that's one helluva goid one
Non, you could have a thinking problem. might need to look for a thinking anonymous meeting
Wen, that's a goid one. wave
Hi LJ wave thumbs up hope everything is going well with you hug
Men get into trouble when they think, they must just be. professor
Everything is awesome, Wen. Hope you're,
wink Do tell me a bit more about it batting

The voice of wisdom can not be ignored!
I'll drink to that

I do like to feel perky in the mornings laugh
Eric Prydz, yes that sure will put a spring in a step. bouquet

laugh Are you a recruiter for the TA laugh

"Men get into trouble when they think, they must just be,"

I like the cut of your Jib wink
But not in a Harvey Weinstein way. laugh
Non wave yes I was asked to speak at there meeting, but I went to wrong meeting and ended up at a AA meeting. I kept wondering why they kept looking at me so strange, and the coffee was terrible to laugh
Over in the UK The T.A is the Army reserve a bit like the American national guard I presume.
Either Way you wouldn't want to get them mixed up laugh
Non, laugh no I don't want to get them mixed up, thanks for the info in case I am ever in your country. I bet there coffee is bad also rolling on the floor laughing

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