water and continents on Mars

Going through some recent antiques I acquired, I was flipping through a magazine from February 1890, named Demorest's Family Magazine. It is mostly a fashion type magazine. What caught my attention was an article named A Voyage Through Space. I was sort of curious what they thought back then about space and read through it.

I thought it was kinda funny about the planet Venus. They mention that the ancient people knew it as "Dawnbringer" (in Latin, Lucifer). Is that why women are suppose to be from Venus? rolling on the floor laughing tongue

Anyway, I got on to the information about Mars. They mention with the telescopes they have (during the late 1800's), Mars was the planet they had the most detailed information about its surface.

I am going to highlight some of the interesting things it says in this article about Mars:

They say, besides the moon, Mars is the only heavenly body that the surface has been mapped.

Surface is covered with lighter and darker spots, some spots are unchanging, and are solid and definitely parts of Mar's surface. Others alter and vary considerably and therefore must be the nature of clouds.

We can with safety aver that Mars, like earth, contains seas, continents, and islands, as well as an atmosphere containing water vapor in the shape of clouds.

The changes of seasons, and especially the variableness of the snow and ice at the poles of Mars, can be watched by astronomers.

At both poles of the planet are two white, shining spots of which usually only one is visible at a time. These poles do change with the seasons. (winter they grow bigger, summer they melt and get smaller)

Thus, we know there is snow and ice on Mars and clouds arise from it clearly seen.

It has long been known that continents, seas,and rivers compose Mar's surface.

On Mars, there are many conditions for life as we know it, and we have therefore some reason to suppose that there are beings similar to ourselves.

In last few years, Italian astronomer Schiaparelli...provided a drawing of Mar's surface showing: dark bodies of water, and brighter continents.

On Mars, continents are separated by narrow bodies of water.

A strange discovery by Schiaparelli shows the water canals double...each canal is precisely similar to each other...running parallel. This is seen depending on the season and remains an enigma.

That is about it in this article.

Some interesting stuff I thought from 1890....much of which I have not heard anything about in today's age.


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Everything you know could be correct,especially when a women's magazine
says we are dawn bringers (because men are from Mars.)
laugh Ash.

What I like most about this article is it is most like written before potential "agendas" were put in place. dunno
You would open canals? or landing strips when galactic slave traders are arriving. Lando kalreesien
What agendas
Who is Lando?
Well Ash, I am guessing NASA was not around then.
Manly men's
Manly Hall I meant
Manly P. Hall's? laugh You know Ash, I have not heard many good things about Manly P. Hall. However, one needs to keep in mind if one wants to discredit what somebody is saying, they need to discredit the person's character. Of course, that don't mean there is no truth to the negative stuff....but just something to keep in mind.
What about Russia
As an astronomer
Not only NASA not around...but not too many gov. sponsored hush committees. dunno Just possibilities is all. I think most everything is possible. I am not too smart that way. laugh
True Ash.....it might be that we hear about some stuff that was kept quiet for years. I wonder when those JFK documents will be released.
Ok who was alive then and had access to telescopes and theories.
Probably just scientists for the most part. dunno Everyone else was busting their behinds just to put food on the table and heat the house....and keeping the household and children in order.
I have been in the antique market for 20+ years and have went to 1000's of auctions. I have yet to run across a telescope from the 1800's. They seemed to be most available to the public probably in the 1950's at the earliest.
Even microscopes from that era are tough to find. They are very valuable today. Supply and demand dictate price. A low supply and an average demand will raise the price of something. Therefore, it is fair to think not many had access to microscopes back then...only use for professional areas of work.
Yes Ash...they most likely have them. grin
The oldest telescopes or observatories were at Yale,Harvard,Cambride and Hopkins.1900's
What do you think of the universities at that time.
Ash...I think for the most part the wealthy could only afford to go to them.

They were the ones who had the extra time to put into educating themselves.

.....knowledge is power....
Ash...do you think they had fake news in the 1890's? They put this information in this magazine to fool of the women of the day. laugh
No I was actually just looking at their heritage.Probitionists,he ran for my mayor.she made clothing patterns.
He wanted to be in politics and got into a publishing house.
* ny
I did a Wikopedia search on Schiaparelli. In the 1960's it was said there are no canals on Mars...they were optical illusions. Maybe like swamp gas? laugh

However, they did not deny the continents, water, and the ice caps. dunno
** prohibitionists
I have seen wooden books..pretty old.
Hmmm, I have never seen anything like that. The oldest book I had was from the 1400's, written in some foreign language.

How old would you guess, the wooden books?
It did show their magazine and illustrations.she was also a milliner.( Hats).
Pre-depression era.
They were family Bibles.
Oh, you are talking about Demorest....I presume.
Okay...I know some of those bibles from the late 1800's have a heavy thick cover. I have never really inspected them closely, but they could be made from wood.
Invented back then we're those huge tricycles. strange design.guess they were used being up
high in the saddle.::roll:
They must have ridden them to college. laugh
So Ash, what do you think about women being from Lucifer?laugh
Mike on American Pickers love those types of bikes. (high wheel)
Luciferians/feminism. hmmm laugh
MrRick77: "R.I.P Wayne Rogers !!"(meet us in the puzzles)

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