President Trump and Jerusalem.

Still so glad he's our guy, considering the disasters of an unhealthy/untruthful/hubby in tow Hilary or Crazy Bernie. But while I'd personally like him to tweet less, and get coaching on some of his comments before he makes them, there isn't much he is doing that I disagree with. Till now. Apart from poor timing, and using his member of the Tribe son-in-law as the go to man on Palestine, moving our diplomats to Jerusalen is an error times two. First, Israel's Apartheid history is one of getting an inch, and taking a light year. Just look at the Tewowist Yishuv, the wall and "settlements", not to mention the probable styles and behaviors that led to millennia of persecution, ending with near erradication by Europe's priemier culture. Nuff said. But moreso, Jerusalem shouldn't be "owned" by any one or two states. A real just and lasting peace would somehow recognize that the Holy City belongs to all of us, to the world at large. For visiting, study and worship. Primary administration by the much more effective and less corruptable Jews, in conjunction with rotating large power military overseers, to keep the funny business to a minimum, perhaps---but an independent/international city nevertheless. It's clear that President Trump by this latest action will move things from decades of inertia. Good move in a real estate environment. But not in Palestine. BTW, nice place then to relocate the UN to. Salaam-shalom, Aa-VKH.

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more in depth of the move and what it means.

I don't know why the big deal about doing this?

Maybe to respond to Harley's observation that Jerusalem solidify Jewish need to be more politically cohesive?
I agree with you on this LJ. I hope it has been well thought thru. Not his usual habit.
thumbs up
I'm sure it's not intended to stir any maze of misunderstanding among all concerned.

In reality Tel Aviv is more commercially beneficial and not so religiously solemn as Jerusalem. I'd personally favor the beach than inland.

But whatever suits the US need as well as the Jewish people is fine by me. wave
hey, not even Israel asking for this change.

Is Trump, just Trump to deviate attention, that's
What the Bible prophesied has no basis from the standpoint of America's needs
and never could.Immaterial.
His Will be done on Earth through separation of blood and water.Holy Spirit is
Represented by the tongue of fire above your head,connecting your Christ Heart.
this proposal from Trump is a political move.

Trump wants all the attention to be fixed somewhere else not on him
Thanks, all. Went to a presentation by our local P&J group last wek. Palastinian citzen doing his PhD here in child psychology who is documenting rates of PTSD in kids from Gaza that he claims are several times higher than in combat vets. I expected him and his action groups to be pushing for a two state solution, perhaps with a divided Jerusalem. He wants a ONE state solution, named Palastine, with the Holy City run by the new Palastinian state. Pretty rigid on his views---fits right in with the jews. VKH-Aa.
Trump is inline with this and we can be equating him with God's plans or not.
It is about this bible translation,not Trump or Americans' ulterior motives.
Those motives that are self-serving or for monetary gain are not blessings.

There will be a blessed state that is prophesied. That is the videos information,
not politics.
That blessing is the big deal.Thanks Stringman.My ears heard it, and not the letters.
I haven't heard from Netanyahu asking Trump to do this move

from Tel-Avi to Jerusalem. Is Trump and his evil ways of doing business
this is nothing new, been in the works for 20 years and if I am not mistaken has passed all the cabinets.

Trump made a promise and he kept it.
even Kushner, Trump son in law and a Jew

said there should be taking in consideration many things and 2 state talks.

but Trump followers wants to be greater than Trump the Bolshevik
Shalom Aa the children of war torn ghettos are prayed for daily,along with
the hope for Peace.hug
Duro if you have not heard,then your heart.hug

the only one creating a mess about Jerusalem is Trump.

Politically, Trump is burning.
Wen...A side note. My sightings of past members has me hopeful for our
CS holidays reunion!(FlyJames).I'm setting a few more places at the table.grin
I do not" follow" the politics of man, only the alpha and omega.handshake
@ Ash wave thumbs up hug
Congrates to isreal!applause dancing teddybear
Trump kept his promisecheering
"However, I think this is the wrong question.

If nations were measured on the basis of morality
then every country in the world would be forced to
forfeit the right to possess its land.

There is a deeper question that must be asked."
And the previous videos explain the prophecy
of Abraham's descendants .

I am anticipating several blogs speculating
about the future instead of joyfulness at the
the gracious reply and invitation for all religions to
come there and countries to put embassies
there.Shalom hug
Anti-semitism has for a long time been the way right-wingers attack capitalism without attacking capitalism, someone very clever once described anti-semitism as the socialism of fools. The capitalist system could self-regulate without issue if it wasn't for this race of parasitic vultures - so goes the theory behind anti-semitism and you see that espoused on here by people like Crayons.

Anti-semites do recognise the greed of the system, but this is where anti-semites and leftists diverge. Leftists contend that the system is institutionalised greed structured in as a necessary factor - and someone like Ayn Rand is leftism turned on its head by saying all the ills and evils of capitalism are for the greater good. this is very different to Adam Smith and the traditional justification for capitalism - and anti-semites contend that capitalism is destructively greedy because there's a racial collective(the Jews)making capitalism this way.

Anti-semitism is basically the soul of a soulless politics, to be a true capitalist you need to accept that you're an unfeeling monster and everyone is a parasitic vulture(not just the Jews).
And I would contend that Jewish history in the merchant class and the moral swamp of the city has developed Jews to be the people most likely to sell their own mother and Ayn Rand is the personification of everything Hitler said was bad about the Jews. But then Jews also gave us Karl Marx and Jesus. The main philosophy of pathological altruism comes from the Jews and the main philosophy of pathological selfishness comes from the Jews as well.

This would make sense when you consider the great rate of aspergers syndrome amongst Jews. Why? Aspergers is the inability to take the centre ground and aspergers will carry its ideology forward regardless of human nature and the way people really are which is something of a mixed bag between selfishness and altruism.
Anyway, Christianity in America has little to do with pathological altruism or any sort of altruism, but what it does is take the self-righteous sociopathy of Jesus Christ and combine it with the total selfishness of Ayn Rand who was another self-righteous sociopath.

If they want to snare a woman in the mistake she's made they'll argue for pro-life, and if the poor try to emancipate themselves they ignore everything Jesus said about selling all your riches and giving them to the poor. Christianity in America is malleable in its tactics and purely opportunistic, if they don't like people or people don't like them then the apocalypse is coming, if a condom breaks the woman is snared, and if Oliver Twist asks for more they'll tell him to f*ck off and pray. It's an obsessive sense of control and ill-will towards all of mankind and the Bible isn't a sacred text, it's something they pick and choose from when its expedient to the moment. They're like a religious mafia with the Bible as ammunition, the Bible is only relevant to them when it can employed as a weapon.
And that's why Christian America likes Trump even tho according to the Bible Trump will burn in Hell. Trump is completely opportunistic and malleable in his tactics, a man whose every belief is a weapon for the moment which may be dropped tomorrow if a different belief-weapon would prove to be more destructive.
And it may seem shocking to see Jesus described as a sociopath, but that's only because most people don't know what a sociopath is. Sociopaths may or may not be violent. Key to sociopathy is the sense of being radically above the morality of the herd - sociopathy is in essence the pariah and there's a lot of wannabe sociopathy on the internet which must not be mistaken for the real thing. Sociopathy is not simply a case of nobody likes you or you're disabled and isolated and excluded from the modern world you resent - and Jesus was certainly radically above the herd in his day. Sociopaths can be very kind, too kind almost as tho the kindness was not purely for its own sake.
real just and lasting peace would somehow recognize that the Holy City belongs to all of us, to the world at large. For visiting, study and worship.
Ditto.A a

Cchesney, the way you understand patriotism is slightly skewed
But not it is not what I am addressing either.
That throws the President into a delusion of your own.
* US policies are able to only do so much.Restraints.
Poor Chesney is confused!comfort
The whole concept of freedom,free will and conscience.dunno
do you all noticed? yesterday all news from TV concentrated on Jerusalem

not on Trump. His strategy worked.
and from now on, all reports will come from the middle east. cos Trump sparked the fired

on purposed. for his own convenience cool


Get use to it....Trump won!

You Trump haters are pathetic!scold
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