Water solar system

I haven´t seen any before living in Canaries ( I found 5 looking around from my own roof) ...it looks like a safe enviromental alternative, but no have enough info, just got curious and google a pic I took (no this one).

Does anybody have a direct experience? handshake

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Hi Cachuchi
It works like a dream; even when it is overcast.

though I must admit that the setup I use is slightly different. I had a normal electric geyser fitted on a pedestal on the roof and then I teed in the sun panels in such a way that cold water in the cylinder drops back into the solar panel and the hot water rises into the cylinder. Of course the cold-water supply goes straight into the solar panel. I also have a timer that only switches the electricity on from 5 Am to 6 Am so I can always have hot water in the early mornings

It saves a fortune in electricity.
yea i have a some experience about it. in our villager used it when winter comes to in our house. this is really good effort to save environment and save earth from global warming. i wish everybody people have like this in their houses.
Hi Catfoot, thanks! I do not know why I thought you´ll have an idea about this and ha! you have one for yourself!

I´ve been surfing around and there are some homemade models but what you have seems to be an easier option as have benefits from both systems, thanks for your input, it´s something I´ll definitely think about next time I move...

I made a very rudimentary cool system with fans & dry ice once...not something to exhibit or sell but it worked lol!

handshake Ramusharma, nice to see you on the blogs :)
Thanks for sharing your experience, saving money and contribute to preserve our environment sounds appealing to me....and also that part of "do it by yourself" LOL! wave
And I think the one in your pic is also home made.

The commercial jobs look like this
I am curious what is the white tank with blue, it looks like a propane tank here in the states.
@Catfoot: Yes, a step ahead from this one (Brazil or Portugal, blog is in portuguese) but still home made

@Wen: I guess who ever made it picked out any recipient they had and that´s it, could have had previous use you say ...no idea.
It puzzled me too. I was trying to work out if it was a high or low pressure system. A low pressure system would require a ball valve in the reservoir necessitating the cold water inlet directly into the reservoir which would make it less effective. But if that is a propane tank then it is very possible for it to be a high pressure system.

Quite a nifty guy we have there in the Canaries.
@Cat: Ha! have you ever been in Mexico? rolling on the floor laughing no idea my friend....no idea!!!!

It´s called: "spells" (hechizos) ....
@ Catfoot, yes this is very interesting, after saying it looked like a propane tank then I thought they would have a very difficult time filling it on a roof laugh

yes this is very interesting
Will the sun heat water?
You betcha! dancing

You may test the basic principal by spreading a garden hose out in the sun.
Then turn it on.
Voila! Instant proof of concept.

The cutting edge techies are really looking forward to this...

It works with sodium.
So...it will be charged with a salt in battery. pointing nerd humor roll eyes

Ok Gentlemen....a single lady trying to do my best cowboy professor rolling on the floor laughing keep it easy please!!!! ... I´ll do my further reading tonight....such an interesting stuff!

Thanks for your comments wine
My brother installs it and even a low pressure system that is gravity fed works well. He did what Cat did at his own house with a timer to heat the water in the morning. I considered using one myself as it is fairly cheap and easy to set up a low pressure system. Unfortunately building a stand for a water tank in order to have enough pressure is not going to happen soon.
as I told you before, I don't think you will ever be a ...damsel in distress.....laugh I know you will figure all out cheers

@ Mic, Nerds what would we do with out them? I was never smart enough to be one laugh
@Ek, good you have your brother who can provide you with all advices you may need....I have no idea what I´m going to find in my next home but this is something I want, for sure. thumbs up

@Wen, put your glasses on rolling on the floor laughing ....nerds are wow but not all of them have same areas of expertise giggle cool
I have a Solar system at my home , I love it , it is performing extremely well , i do use computer , fans , Mobile charges , Water pump and several Lights .

solar is best thumbs up
Hello Ali wave

Did you do by yourself? maybe you would like to explain in detail ....I would appreciate that applause and thank you in advance wine
i have 6 solar panels of 150 watts , a Controller ,2 Inverters ,a battery , 7 LED lights , solar Fans and a solar iron
it is working well from 2 years , No hesitation wine
Thank you Alí maybe we should talk about this via private message and I would tell you why I´m interested in this sort of thing ...would you mind? wine
I understand solar hot water is a requirement in Spain for new builds, the system works by heating water in the panel which rises into a coil or heat exchanger in the blue & white tank in the photo, when it cools it returns to the panel, the tank acts as hot water storage tank & the water you use doesn't go round the panel, the tank would normally be fed from the mains water supply under pressure, the panel is not pressurised, I understand they work well but are not cost effective imo, at around 1500 euros you can buy a lot of gas for an instant water heater, in my experience here it would take between 40 & 50 years to get your outlay back, which is why people make there own laugh
applause Ok Zmountain you speak my language!
Thank you for stopping by.

It´s valid what you said (gas is very cheap here) ....I don´t know about that requirement you mentioned in Spain but I´m thinking about it because I´ll move to another country, a cold one (north europe) and I need to think in some "clever" option to maintain myself warm at lower cost ....that´s my interest about "viablity & difficulty" to do something like that by myself ....

Hi there, Solar geysers - panel or tubes- are very popular in South Africa, as we have lots of sun, and electricity/gas are quite expensive.. There are many companies who sell and install them, lot to choose from.. will definitely recommend thumbs up peace
Thanks platosha for your input!!!!

(Lovely glasses you have blushing ...pink!!! wink)

Hi Cachuchi wave my Damsel, I love your new profile pic thumbs up hug
I have a friend who made one from a secondhand UK hot water cylinder & central heating radiator encased by a perspex sheet, cost about 50£, worked well here, not so sure about further north, the further north you go the more efficient it needs to be.
@Wen blushing ....feeling like a damsel today wink thank you gentleman!!!

@Zmountain ....yes....that´s what I was just thinking about right now....they´ll have much more high standards than here ....maybe no a good place to improve my "diy" skills....thank you! wave
Thanks, Cachuchi, think we all need pink glasses once in a while laugh
Sure we do Platosha thumbs up ....or violet ;)
sure , i would be happy to share whatever i know about Solar system wine
Excellent Alí ..I´ll ask you in time wine thanks again for your help.
Its too bad its too cold for one here for 10 months of the year because I love the idea behind them.
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