Ratman And Bobbin

According to the locals it all started when the massive automobile, resembling Batman’s Batmobile, stopped in front if a cupcake warehouse in Malaysia. It was driven by somebody who looked like a lighter version of Batman and the only passenger resembled a broader Robin.dancing

When a local police officer on his rounds demanded to know who they were and why they were masked, the one who resembled Batman replied that they were Ratman and Bobbin, rehearsing for the masquerade ball later that evening in the City Hall.sir bobby

Satisfied that he had done his job, the police officer proceeded on his beat and that is when the carnage began.

Eyewitnesses declared that he had barely been out of sight when the two masked villains rammed the warehouse doors and started loading the boxes of cupcakes into the large boot of the car. One of the eye witnesses reported that the car had an amazing boot; almost like the pockets of the hero in an adventure game. You can keep on putting things in and it never gets full.shock

Just as the car left the warehouse the cavalry arrived in the form of four police cars but after a wild chase through the streets of the Malaysian capital, the Ratmobile sprouted wings and simply took off. A bewildered bystander said as the car lifted into the air, it backfired with a funny noise sounding like ‘chitty chitty bang bang’.

The Malaysian head of state declared a day of mourning and proclaimed that all flags will fly half mast for the next seven days. He promised that everything will be done to apprehend the culprits and to restore the pride of the nation.help

The case took an interesting turn when a petrol attendant in Tokyo reported a strange looking automobile wanting to fill up with aviation fuel and when failing to get any, the masked driver asked for directions to the nearest aerodrome. This morning the commander of a nearby air force base reported the mysterious disappearance of all the aviation fuel stored at his base.

Inspector Car from Scotland Yard, on loan to Interpol, who was assigned to investigate this caper, said at a press conference that it is not sure yet if the three incidents are related. He denied the possibility of it being the same thugs as before because the previous time the thieves were disguised as Santa and a helper; this pair impersonated Batman and Robin; a vast difference in the modus operandi.

He also said that the name of the Warehouse owner is being withheld until her Arty could be located and informed of her woes. He asked people with information to come forward if it can help to solve this crime and warned people not to approach these villains as they could be dangerous. detective

A spokesman for Lloyd's said that they are investigating the possibility of an insurance scam as this warehouse had been raided so many times in the past and the culprits had never been caught. He added that they suspect that the owner is in cahoots with the thieves and that they find it very suspicious that the said owner had recently doubled the insured amount of her warehouse.

And NASA reported tracking an unidentified flying object across Japan, moving at a high speed in an easterly direction to where it briefly landed in the USA before proceeding in a south easterly direction towards South Africa. They lost the object in dense fog somewhere near Cape Town and all efforts to relocate it had failed so far.giggle

Meanwhile in Paris, Madame Marie Antoinette, the CEO of the “Nourriture pour l'Afrique” (Food For Africa) Project said this caper came at a very bad time as the cupcakes were destined for Africa as there was not enough bread to go around.cake

And before you even look at me, I had nothing to do with it.smoking
cats meow cats meow

I know that I’m not supposed to sell anything on this site but I’d like to mention that we have a very large quantity of cupcakes for sale at rock bottom prices.cool

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I think I know who is in on this caper, but I am going to plead the 5th amendment.

about the cupcakes email me maybe we and my lawyer can work something out laugh
Ive not been around for a while but how weird is this something sounds familair about this story? confused


I think it was the cupcakes

hi Wen
We thought of the possibility that you may sue and therefore, to make it easier on you, we have a representative in the USA. Regrettably his name is kept secret for now until the FBI loses interest in the case. Nothing funny happened in their backyard - except for an unauthorized landing but that is a military matter.
Hi Girl,
yes, this is an ongoing thing and it won't stop until those thieves are caught. but then, this is the first time that it happens this year. Actually, I think this is the third time it happened during the last four years. Those guys at Lloyds could be right. It may well be a conspiracy to scam them.grin
Catching those robbers would be the icing on the cake. cool
I am not going to mention no names, but I think she would look good in a orange jump suit wow

@ Molly laugh
Hi Molly
True. the more I look at it the more I believe this to be an inside job. When I spoke to inspector Car he said he could not believe the total lack of security, and I quote: "It is almost as if they (the warehouse management) invited a raid."laugh
Hi Wen,
This is disgusting; She's a suspect as well. What a plunge; from the Cupcake Queen to an insurance scammer. But then these are only suspicions. There is no solid evidence yet.help

Who do you suppose the other person is from the USA?confused

Cupcakes! Yummy for the tummy!wine
"According to the locals it all started when the massive automobile, resembling Batman’s Batmobile, stopped in front if a cupcake warehouse in Malaysia. It was driven by somebody who looked like a lighter version of Batman and the only passenger resembled a broader Robin.dancing ".....

Find many of the original Batman and Robin movies from the 1920's and 30's on U Tube...the one from ,1929 if I recall correctly, Batman is FAT...he can barely run after the bank robber; gets winded and barely wins the fight with the street hood...Robin...minces around; it's a wonder that he's a boy at all...Those original movies are a riot of laughter ....rolling on the floor laughing
Hey Jim,
You're suppose to lie low until the FBI loses interest. they're snooping around here too.laugh

[invisible ink] I told you we had work to do. I'm handling the USA orders on your behalf in the meantime. I'll pass them on to you as soon as it is save on your side. [/invisible ink].
Hi Kattte
During the early seventies I read that Batman demanded a raise in pay from his producer and the producer asked him if he knew how many people played the part of Tarzan.rolling on the floor laughing

Sounds like a plan.laugh thumbs up
I wish I could see her face when she walked into that empty warehouse.laugh

i wonder where she is now; probably under sedationsleep
laugh cheers
I hope NASA did not get a proper fix of your position when you got off.doh
If there is any money involved I want a cut, I know all about the past and present.

remember money talks and also keeps silent. I wrote that in code so know one would know laugh
oops, hit the wrong code button laugh
Sorry Mate, I don't know what you're talking about. We are just observers speculating on which way this is going to go.

Mind you, perhaps we can fit you in on our next but there will be application, registration, training, and admin fees. If you're still interested send your bank card and pin number.

Don't worry we will not draw all your money.liar
devil grin cheers

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