Game of Thrones / Spain

I have never watched the serie (read 4.5 books of George R. R. Martin & 7 from french version - Les Rois Maudits- by Maurice Druon ....100% smitten ) ....

I can´t wait have enough time to enjoy myself with this.

Wanted to share some locations from my country for CS fans and also this clip which I think is fantastic!!!!


Note: You´ll love it Incu hug but you probably already watched them lol!
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Wow !

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing wave wine
bowing my pleasure Nonsmoker wine
Here's one for you.
Who has the bigger throne Today.
The Vatican The White-house The Kremlin dunno

maybe even some secret organisation like the Illuminati uh oh
Nonnnnnnnnnn (naughty girl voice here) I just lost my "boner" hahahahahaha

I´m a beliver my friend, last 2 are peanuts for The Vatican peace
Awww man.. as if I needed any more reasons to visit Spain.. smitten

Yes I have seen the series and it would be absolutely brilliant to visit those places for real some day!

Thanks for sharing hug
cartwheel would be nice, really nice to visit those places.... thanks to you Incu for sharing the feeling wink

Signed: "Mother of dragons" (named by my Pastor lol!)
Blow me down guess where I am right now will go check some out. Never watched the series or read the books maybe I should start but I like to live life not watch it.

People fight about Game of Thrones???? wow
Cach you havent watched the series either so I didnt mean to be rude.

The photos in Spain look good was what I meant
@girlonaswing: I´ve noticed blushing ....whatever makes you a "happygirl" is perfect! applause welcome to my blog!

@Non: my hands are dressed my friend! doh

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