slut cycle

Its over
and your numb with shock.


You get an offer of fun sex, no strings
yes please.
Its not enough but it helps your broken heart
Then you meet someone nice, and they like you too and you go to bed and its bad. Really bad. But their nice. You carry on with the fun sex too.
The nice one finds out and goes
The fun one goes because that was never going to last
You meet somone at a party and your lonely and off you go to bed. Why not? Maybe this time. But turns out not this time.
Or the next time.
Or the next.
And sooner or later you get the eye from someone who is really awful / smelly / drunk / ugly and you do anyway.

Males AND females reading this who remember the slut cycle, seen it happening to there friends, or are riding it still, know what Im talking about.

Stop the bus or carry on thinking maybe this time . . .

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Give up alcohol laugh
Bite your tongue and wash your mouth out Mollybaby scold
slut cycle,

Sounds like a setting on a washing machine.
Maybe it should be idea
Did I say me? Did I?

But I have seen The Cycle. uh oh
Consider my tongue bitten, and my mouth washed out crying
Non, sluts have overworked washing machines as they try to wash that partner out of there hair there sheets etc so you are right it should be laugh
Mollybaby aw dont cry I was joking

A bit anyway

So was I grin
Yeah, it does kind of suck being the nice guy and constantly finding out my girlfriends are sluts.

But on the bright side, I dont have to get up and find the TV guide to see whats on telly, its all online, so the internet's not all bad.
A slut cycle? Yea, I recognize it; only I did not know it had a name. And I did not know that women fell into it as well. I thought it was only men. I could expand on it but it will be too bulky for a comment and will deviate too much from your theme but yes, I know all about it.doh
Slut cycle laugh

Love the lingo....conversing

Closed the door on that in my 20's....rolling from one bed to the experimenting, but got tedious after a while.

Some never grow out of it.

Yeah, i saw her doing it for fun.
....and i detested her.
If she was doing it for money, i would respect her.
She could have even became a madam.....
laugh Slut cycle

Will remember that laugh
is it a bicycle you mean
for some reason, this saddens me
probably cause im sober
Maybe it’s recreational sex, like something to do on a day off
The slut cycle,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing the drinking, the partying, the sex , definitely no shortage of excitement. Being young ,never thought it would end. But time stops for no one. Then you wake up one day , wondering where all those adventurous times went,confused crying crying crying
From a yogic view,
every physical contact,
one half of the partner's karma is exchanged with the self.

The nice one take half of your karma and becomes half of you so that person becomes a twin of you.
The fun one takes half of your karma and the fun within oneself is exchanged with emptiness.

The more the emptiness is achieved...the wholesome oneself becomes.

The eye is empty inside, for it to see.
The stomach is empty, becomes hungry to become full.
Ones emptiness is balanced with wholeness.

When ones consciousness is hungry,
the hunger for wholeness is achieved through cleaning ones karma
through Atma Kriya meditation.

It is the same as one says...

“Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.”
? Confucius

Thus cleaning
or purifying oneself attracts a partner of the same spiritual vibration.

if nothing is learned....
the dark side of the mental and emotional selves
from the karma obtained manifests in the physical plane...their karma becomes your reality.

Though when ones soul is off track, karma is the element that will guide oneself on track. ;)

You sound very experienced! What a named to be tagged with!
OwwB you want a girls cycle? rolling on the floor laughing
Pat I dont understand your second paragraph confused

Cat oh yes girls. We can hurt too and look to stop the hurt too. Sometimes we got off the cycle and never ride again, though, not many men do that.

Berry when its for fun its not a slut cycle laugh

Bloody some riders should have to pay laugh

Track you know at least one Im sure grin

Johnjim some might say the town bicycle yes but only when its a woman noone calls a man a town bicycle. confused

Dedovix have a drink quick

Palm that would be a good idea a Sunday cycle laugh

1to1 those days arent ever gone but the riders may get uglier crying
Net hug thats the tragedy of the slut cycle when you start sharing karma with people who have nothing worth sharing
Gentlejim I am experienced I am in the sex business scold not THAT way scold and my name is me wave
Im a man slut, it can be hard work but I'm sure eventually I will find my slut-match if not I will be a middle aged cat woman in a mans body.
Mapmaker it CAN be hard work to find the One with the same oof levels laugh

you can tell its party season quite quiet on blogs

dont forget all your cyclists too many trips to the stationery cupboard at year end parties could make you pointing the office bicycle


unless you want to be then thats cool santa waving

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